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Mr Blue Sky is back. For the moment.

Spring has picked the lock of Winter’s dungeon and escaped; the past week of endless sleet, snow showers and teeth-laden winds seems to have ended.  This morning has been warm sunshine, birds singing and bees buzzing.  106 more words


Creating Rose Madder (watercolor)

Rose Madder is a traditional watercolor that is fugitive. That is it is not permanent but fades with time especially when exposed to sunlight. You can google what it’s made of and why it fades. 303 more words

Madder Lake Dark

He rubbed one hand over the expensive waterproof frabric of the coat, liking the feel. An elegant item. He tried again to think of how he’d come by it and couldn’t.

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Rose Madder - Stephen King

When I came across “Rose Madder” by Stephen King I expected to get a certain story with a specific atmosphere but I got something completely different with a set of circumstances that were far away from what I initially thought at the sight of the book’s cover. 535 more words


#15in31 challenge update: Week 2 and wow do I read a lot.

I have to admit: even my jaw dropped a little when I saw how many books I finished this past week. I guess between my speedreading superpowers and the fact that I’ve been getting in some reading before bedtime again… 1,288 more words

Hey! You Over There! Entertain Me!

‘Rose Madder’ by Stephen King

Let’s crank out a football cliche: ‘Rose Madder’ is a game of two halves.

The set up and first 200 pages of this novel are as good as anything in the King repertoire. 209 more words


Favourite flower Friday

Geranium phaeum ‘Rose Madder’

Hardy geraniums abound in my garden, providing attractive low-maintenance ground cover and suppressing weeds at the back of the borders. I have my favourites though, whilst being ambivalent about others. 155 more words

Favourite Flower Friday