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‘Rose Madder’ by Stephen King

Let’s crank out a football cliche: ‘Rose Madder’ is a game of two halves.

The set up and first 200 pages of this novel are as good as anything in the King repertoire. 209 more words


Favourite flower Friday

Geranium phaeum ‘Rose Madder’

Hardy geraniums abound in my garden, providing attractive low-maintenance ground cover and suppressing weeds at the back of the borders. I have my favourites though, whilst being ambivalent about others. 155 more words

Favourite Flower Friday

Rose Madder

First Published: 1995

Edition Published: 1996

Cover Design: Bob Warner

Publisher: New English Library

Notes: Excellent condition. Part of the set I remember most clearly (the same as my first copy of IT, which has sadly gone missing).


How to Make Madder Lake, part 2

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The second secret.

There’s actually another little ‘secret’ to making madder lake, this one a bit more of an open secret, but something very important to keep in mind. 640 more words


Rose Madder - Stephen King

I’ve had Rose Madder in my bookcase since December 2013, when my husband and I came to Portland for the first time and decided to live there permanently. 777 more words


How to Make Madder Lake, part 1

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In the last post, I wrote that we’re beginning with about 100g of madder root and about 30g of potash alum. 505 more words


Preparation for Making Madder Lake

(The good stuff!)

It’s time to make these posts at last, after many delays: How to Make Madder Lake.

I’ve posted before about how to make a lake pigment – check this post… 608 more words