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It Starts: at Home (DIY)

Remember how I was on a mission to make great baby gear? Well, now I’m on a mission to save the planet and make us a healthier home. 336 more words

Oily T-Zone Be Gone!

AG1 here! Every woman I know wants flawless, balanced skin. As you know from my regimen blog post, I have decreased the amount of products I use every day. 592 more words

Product Review

10 Popular Essential Oils and Benefits

Essential oils are amazing remedies, not only for health but also well-being. With a myriad of effects on the olfactory glands. Our scent glands are closely tied to our limbic system, which correlates to our instincts, moods and emotions. 703 more words

Infusion Of Being

Tea for your skin from Jacqueline Evans

Jacqueline Evans is another skincare product that hailed from Australia. To be exact the home of Jacqueline Evans skincare is Malvern, Victoria. It’s no surprise that I jumped to the opportunity of trying the skincare from this brand. 605 more words


Blessed Blossoms ~ Romance of Roses

Associated with Egyptian Goddess Isis, Greek Goddess Aphrodite, Indian Goddess Lakshmi and the celestial planet Venus – Roses are an eternal symbol of Love & Beauty. 552 more words

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Beauty: everything is coming up ROSES

Doesn’t every woman love roses?

While red is the flower of love I prefer a bouquet of white roses.  And I’m the girl who couldn’t resist the crushed  

688 more words

Oil Cleansing Method

I want to begin by saying that oil aka sebum is not the enemy here! Like many things throughout our body, Sebum has a very important function. 517 more words