A rose on the neck ... 

Lee has just completed this totally awesome rose on the neck of one of our regular customers. The customer already had an old tattoo of a swallow and some initials and so Lee incorporated the rose. 16 more words


My tattoos and piercing! Past and present. 

Hello everyone
I thought I’d share with you my tattoos and piercings, i currently have 4 tattoos and 1 piercing but in the past I’ve had 9 other ones. 621 more words


Meet Kosta and his tattoo entourage

As I am excited to go back home again next week and I want to write another post, related to Bulgaria’s tattoo culture, this week I am introducing you to a very close friend of mine. 173 more words


Rose tattoo 

ca. drei Stunde

Around three hours to complete

Well, I’m getting more and more requests for black and gray tattoos, and I’m pretty stoked about this. 33 more words


Rose und Uhr/ Rose and watch tattoo

ca. drei Stunde (Zeichnung Zeit inklusive)

Around three hours to finish, including sketch time


Total zwei sitzung, jeder ca. drei Stunde

Two sessions to finish. 48 more words