My my my....I have been quiet...

I forgot I was supposed to be making a conscious effort to draw, paint and share. Ooops.

Ive still be working away, improving all the time (well, I think), so I’ll post a bunch of stuff I’ve been up to over the last couple of months. 20 more words


Roses grow on you ...

So … that beautiful pink rose which Lee added to my floral band a couple of weeks ago left a naked space on my arm and the glowing whiteness kept catching my eye. 88 more words


A Rose from my love ...

Lee’s customer didn’t turn up for his appointment today. A Saturday is when Lee is always busy and so a ‘no-show’ is grim. Lee is so laid back and trusting, he never collects deposits when customers book in. 114 more words


Roses grow on you ... 

Remember that beautiful rose that Lee drew for me and I said a customer had expressed an interest in having as a tattoo? Well, he came into the studio and is now proudly wearing the beautiful rose tattoo. 25 more words


15th- 31st August

I had two weeks off at the beginning of august, one for doing Edinburgh festival stuff/ lazing around in the garden (which was great :) ) 615 more words

Come to our show, help choose the songs for the album, and win a prize!

So. The White Horse has been booked for Saturday, 1st October, the set list has been chosen, and rehearsals have begun. Here’s the thing though – between the gig on 1st October, and the recording sessions for our album at the end of that month, we need to narrow down our own favourite 16 songs to 10 – and that’s where you come in! 231 more words

The first proper stencil! It begins.

Making good flash designs is a process that is still so alien and mysterious to me- I want so desperately to be good at it! It is the foundation to being a good tattoo artist, after being a good artist in general of course, so achieving this cornerstone is essential! 823 more words