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#NWFGS Last Supplement

I can hardly wait for my presentation on February 25th. I just want to get everyone to try growing America’s flower, the rose. If you choose a variety with known disease resistance, rather than being random or just selecting from what’s available for sale, you will have success. 66 more words


#NWFGS Third supplement

Identify the problem with your roses

Before taking any action, be certain that you identify the insect or fungal disease and use the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to a pest free garden. 131 more words


#NWFGS second supplement

What is your tolerance for insect damage and fungal disease on roses?

It is a personal question and the answer can change depending on the uncontrollable factor of weather or the amount of time you have to devote to roses or your personal philosophy of what is the right way for you to garden. 306 more words


Happy Monday Morning to You!

Today is my weekend. It’s a quick weekend, and it’s not ON the weekend. But it’s still my weekend!

Pink Rose, 11.4.16

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