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8 Reasons Why We Explore

We explore to find out the wonders of the earth and human civilization. It is interesting to find out about cultures that preceded ours because it helps us understand the world we live in. 733 more words

Rosetta Stone 4/29

How is learning a new language different than you expected?

For your info: Check out this link to practice your language as you surf the net: http://readlang.com/ 6 more words

Rosetta Stone

Four Awesome Tools for Learning a New Language

Je parle un peu français.

Matt and I both have a background in French. He studied for three years in high school and I took a year (in addition to two years of Spanish and five years of German). 650 more words


A quiet week

It’s been a quiet but interesting week here. I had a bet on the Nenana Ice Classic in Alaska. I predicted that the tripod would fall at 1.59pm on Tuesday. 375 more words


The way back machine.... I mean WAY BACK

Ok so this week we tackled about 4 chapters in Megg’s History of Graphic Design which included some pretty gnarly stuff that went WAY BACK. We’re talking about things most people wouldn’t consider connecting the dots to graphic design such as Petroglyphs, cave paintings, the invention of writing and alphabets… writing came first and then the alphabet… Think about it… And finally Illuminated Manuscripts. 1,156 more words

Graphic Design