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Learn a language with Rosetta Stone

We are pleased to introduce our latest eResource Rosetta Stone Library Solution, an online language learning tool. Whether you are looking to lean a brand new language, or brush up on a language for an overseas trip, Rosetta Stone Library Solution is the perfect solution. 123 more words


Symbolism in Art

I recently read an article on Atlas Obscura about the Merry Cemetery in Romania. What makes this cemetery unique, and merry, are the elaborate and colorful gravestones created by Stan Ioan Patras. 324 more words

Lynne in London

Turns out I didn’t write every day…at least not in the early days. But seems like I managed to say a lot in this one-page entry. 480 more words


London Gems: The British Museum

I know for a lot of people, the idea of going to museums is pretty much the worst thing ever. All that I can come up with to account for that is the possible disappointment from school day field trips when, for whatever reason, kids seemed to expect a trip to the ice cream shop and were excessively let down when told that no, in fact, the class would be going to the art, transport, history, science, you-name-it museum. 390 more words


London Recap Days 1 &2

FINALLY getting around to writing this up. Going to try to keep it a bit brief, however I am not known for my “short” stories….  that is also why I am going to try to break this up into a couple days at a time. 560 more words

Silly Unboxing - Rosetta Stone

So I had nothing to do last night, and I was doing my usual perusal of YouTube. There was a bit of a thunderstorm, and my friend turned off her computer as she left for bed. 511 more words


Rosetta Stone 1978

Teenybopper band Rosetta Stone on a centrespread poster in Bravo of 13 April 1978. The band, managed by Bay City Rollers svengali Tam Paton and led by BCR reject Ian Mitchell, was huge in Germany and big in Japan. Three of them were brothers.