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Culture Vultures

I have always been interested in ancient history and my oldest son, Scott, shares my love for all things Greek, Roman and Egypt. I couldn’t believe that I’d got to my 50th year without seeing the Rosetta Stone and all the other ancient goodies housed in the Museum. 220 more words

50 Fabulous Things

What Are the Origins of Egyptology?

Today, Egyptology – the study of ancient Egyptian history, culture, and language – is a worldwide discipline studied and taught at major universities on nearly every continent. 317 more words


Day 20: A song you mislearned the lyrics to

I’m picky with lyrics. If it’s a song I like with any kind of lyrics, I want to learn them immediately and understand what they’re about. 248 more words


The Cro-MAGA Stone

On July 15, 1799, while strengthening their defenses in Egypt, French soldiers unearthed the Rosetta Stone, an ancient tablet containing a decree from Egypt’s King Ptolemy V issued in 196 BC. 2,032 more words


Adventures in French- Rosetta Stone

Foreign languages and I have a history. I grew up learning French from my fancy, probably expensive, and yet extremely suffocating private school. From kindergarten on, French was drilled into my everyday life. 521 more words


Treasures of the British Museum, London

The British Museum is the world’s first purpose built museum. Built in 1753, it originated from the collection of Hans Sloane. A vast quantity of artefacts await, sourced from all corners of the planet, and organised according to the great civilisations that ruled them. 1,171 more words


The Bistro

Once a week for lunch, my daughters and I meet so nous parlons Francais et mangeons au Bistro. Our combined New Year’s resolution had been to get the Rosetta Stone for French and either learn or improve our existing/non-existing knowledge of the language. 398 more words