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Three languages, one dictionary

On this day in 1799, a black granodiorite rock slab bearing inscriptions in three languages was found near the town of Rosetta, Egypt, 35 miles east of Alexandria.  356 more words


Shawshank Redemption and Frank Darabont and making of a legend

Shawshank redemption and Frank Darabont and making of a legend.

When you think of something like Shawshank redemption – What do you feel? As for me I forgot the number of times I have seen the entire movie or parts of it (whenever it is playing on one of the channels). 711 more words

A closer look at the Rosetta Stone

Discovered on 15th July 1799 -or should that be re-discovered?- the Rosetta Stone has become the most visited artefact in the most visited museum in the UK. 466 more words

15 July 1799: the Rosetta Stone is found in the Egyptian village of Rosetta

In 1799, during Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign, a French soldier discovered a black basalt slab inscribed with ancient writing near the town of Rosetta, about 35 miles north of Alexandria. 181 more words

On This Day

Trump Rosetta Translator for "Women are dumb as rocks":

Trump Rosetta Translator:

“Women are dumb as rocks”


“I have a heart of stone”

Know what a heart of stone is in literature, movies, symbolism, and metaphor? 283 more words

A guide to the lost art of learning a language before you travel

Among all the complexities of modern travel, communicating in another language ranks low on the list. You can always hold up eight fingers to haggle over flea-market prices, or use Google Translate (among many such apps) to order the right thing at a restaurant. 641 more words