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Learning French

I’ve been in Montreal for almost nine months now and I’ve been learning French pretty solidly since then.

I’ve been using several different resources to learn French, but I haven’t taken any classes. 1,035 more words


EA 24; the code of the code-breaker…

On the 15th July 1799 soldiers under the command of a lieutenant of engineers, Pierre-François Bouchard, were digging foundations for an extension to Fort St. Julien at El Rashid in Egypt when their pick axes and shovels uncovered a slab of black rock with one side covered in masses of engraved text. 418 more words



The psychiatrist peered through the lower half of his bifocals, as he turned the pages in the folder. A woman sat across from him, in restraints, adorned in cascading spiralling blue interlaced tattoos, visible from the top of her shaven head, covering her face, and extending down to where they disappeared beneath the neckline of her t-shirt. 2,329 more words

5 Signs That Your French Sucks

1) You use a different language whenever you’re not sure of the French words or phrases:

For me, it’s Italian. It’s a romance language, right? So it must be close. 392 more words


The ROI of Learning English

Yesterday Acesse launched Rosetta Stone® Advanced English for Business for our member base. This new offering isn’t typically available to the public but it was important to share it with our Members. 593 more words

Small Business