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No Hablo Español

For years and years, I have been trying to learn Spanish. But when you live in an English speaking country with no plans to live (or even go to) a Spanish speaking country any time soon, it’s hard to find the motivation. 418 more words

Cowboys & Indians: The Dichotomy of Gothic Rock

For a genre almost universally associated with the colour black, the world of gothic rock comprises a surprising myriad of shades. Be it post-punk, trad goth, or deathrock, as the genre was birthed and evolved, splintering into innumerable shards and subsets, a panoramic view of its many strands resembles nothing so much as a tangled octopus (or perhaps a wave lashing kraken). 24 more words

How to Learn Eleven Languages (or whatever else you want)

If you haven’t yet surmised that I’m a crazy person, maybe re-read some of my previous posts.  Otherwise, continue.

I love language.  I always have.  Through the years, I have found that things with structure and rules fascinate me; it’s why I like math, physics, and computer science. 796 more words


What just happened? My working theory

Up until recently, I woke up every morning with a sense of pleasant anticipation. Chances were good that in the course of the day the Republican candidate for President would speak, act or Tweet so as to further demonstrate his ignorance, poor judgment, lack of impulse control, racism, or dishonesty. 530 more words


Foreign Language Tip 2 #23 | Is Rosetta Stone Korean Useful?

This will probably be the most honest review you’ll ever read about Rosetta Stone. I have nothing to gain or lose from this post and this is not an advertisement. 1,037 more words

Word Of The Day

Spanish at the dairy

The cows they are many, the workers are few

Spanish is spoken by all of the crew

I just love a caper

With records on paper… 695 more words

Adventures In Iowa

Knight to H3

Welcome to London, England everyone! I decided to tag along with my sister, Ellen, and her coworker, Kate, on their business trip to England. We took the train from Paris to London and decided that we were in the chunnel a shorter amount of time than our average time on the DC Metro. 458 more words