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#TBT When I Was General Editor of the Rosetta Journal

Something not a lot of people know about me is that I was the General Editor for the postgraduate journal Rosetta.

I recently stepped down from the role so I could focus on my thesis (and the administrative mess that’s followed), but during my year as General Editor I learned so much. 158 more words


Peristiwa proton!

Diterjemahkan dari laporan berkala STCE (26 Oktober-1 November 2015).

Akhirnya, peristiwa proton lain di tahun 2015! Ini adalah peristiwa ke-4 dalam satu tahun ini, tiga lainnya masing-masing terjadi pada tanggal 18, 22, dan 27 Juni ( 396 more words

Aktivitas Matahari

Rosetta PanaderĂ­a - CDMX

Chef Elena Reygadas’ table bread served at her restaurant, Rosetta, was so popular and so highly requested that she opened this tiny bakery. Rosetta PanaderĂ­a… 243 more words


A Babel fish telephone

“A Jew, an Arab and a Chinese walks into a bar on the internet, and discuss philosophy and religion with each other, and leave as friends.” 185 more words



Delayed four days in Christchurch, we were eager and ready for our southbound flight to the ice. All passengers received a brown-bag lunch while boarding the aircraft and are encouraged to eat a large breakfast, prior to boarding, in the event that visibility in McMurdo declines during flight, forcing the pilots to turn back for New Zealand. 186 more words

Rosetta to play New Zealand

Rosetta are planning their first trip to New Zealand in December for a couple of shows with Spook the Horses.

The band released Utopioid earlier this year.


Birth of the Monolith - Birth of the Monolith (Review)

Birth of the Monolith are a Russian post-metal band and this is their debut EP.

Birth of the Monolith’s post-metal ingredient list contains generous dollops of doom and sludge, alongside a decent helping of black metal. 210 more words