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The Miracles of Rose Water

Now i was recommended rose water by a friend when i had an eye infection. I’m not sure whether it was to do with contact lenses or just those horrible styes that pop up every now and again. 255 more words


Persian Apple Jam (مربای سیب)

~~~~Happy Mehregan everyone!~~~~

Mehregan, pronounced ‘Meh-reh-gaan’, is Persian festival of Autumn and is celebrated by Persians all around the world. It’s one of the two most ancient Persian festivals, the other being… 582 more words


Rose Petal Lemonade

Our AC unit went out the other day and we had to spend two, yes two, full days without air conditioning! *GASP* One of those days was a highly unusual mid-week day off. 436 more words

The Good Life

Skincare 101

So, I brought two new skincare products: Boots Traditional Glycerin and Rosewater 200ml and the Boots Traditional Skin Care Skin Cream 200ml – I can honestly say the use of both products on my skin has changed the look and tone drastically. 138 more words


Witch-Hazel...Nature’s Magic Potion!

If you’ve never heard of witch hazel, you’re in for a treat. Why? Because this natural astringent is not only awesome for your skin, but it has plenty of other amazing uses as well. 705 more words

Rose water shortbread biscuits

4oz butter

2 1/2 sugar (plus extra for dusting)

7oz plain flour

pinch of salt

1tsp rose water

Pre-heat oven to 180c (gas 4)

Cream the sugar and butter together in a large bowl until smooth. 113 more words


Pistachio white chocolate chip cookies

Saturday afternoon. A hankering for chocolate chip cookies. Severe lack of recent grocery shopping. It’s experiment time!

For these cookies I used my regular chocolate chip recipe but with some major flavour alterations. 121 more words