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Fraiching Around ... Body Lotion & Rose Facial Mist

Here above I have made some quick body lotion and rose toner!  I was quite proud of myself because I made these on the fly and in a hurry since my family was running out of eco-friendly lotion for the moment AND I have been yearning for skin toner for months! 327 more words

The benefits of rose water

In this post I would like to highlight a product I have been using for many years now:  rose water. Being raised half-Bulgarian, I do often use Bulgarian rose water which  is made of the rose petals of the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Rose that grow in the “Rose Valley”, but it is important to note that you can use any rose water (just check that there are no additives or chemicals added). 82 more words

A (Nearly) Halloween Horror Story!

Having spent the last few years gradually changing over to more natural products for my face & body has meant reading a LOT of ingredient labels! 98 more words


Rosewater, which is almost synonymous with romance, has various medicinal, nutritional and cosmetic applications. Traditionally, it is made by steeping rose petals in water for the purpose of perfuming one’s wardrobe or hair. 1,146 more words


Arabian Nights Cocktails - Rosewater

I’m a huge fan of romance and magic. That is why I am always in the mood for Orange blossom water and Rosewater.

The Rosie… 181 more words


The gift of food: 6 top tips for successful edible gift giving

A few years ago I decided I had enough ‘stuff’ (not including cook books – you can never have too many of those). And so I made a concerted effort to buy less stuff. 908 more words



According to Wikipedia, the word ‘bulgur’ comes from the Turkish word ‘bulgur’ or from the Arabic word ‘burghul’. It goes on to explain that it is a kind of cereal made from different wheat species, most often originating from durum wheat. 1,287 more words

Simple, Fast Dishes