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Did Rudolf Steiner Channel the Masters?

Every spiritual tradition has reverence for the elders who are called many names: ascended masters, descended avatars, bodhisattvas who become buddhas, the Mother Lodge of the Sun, the Masters of Wisdom, saints, prophets, tulkus, arahats, yogis, yoginis, yidams, great initiates, shamans, kahunas, deities, devas, and hierarchical beings, to name but a few. 11,567 more words

How To Find A Creative Solution To Your Problem, Men.

I have a mystical solution to your dilemma if you are searching for a creative solution. It comes from the Rosicrucians and the lips of many great men in history. 298 more words


Benjamin Franklin: The Missing Virtue of Honesty

Franklin’s associations with secret fraternities is often overlooked in history books for the general population, but is well known by the elite society who are often deeply involved in these secret “cults.” Julius Sachse states in his forward, “Strange as it may appear, not a single one of the great orators who spoke during the late celebration made, the least mention of Benjamin Franklin as a Freemason, yet during almost sixty years of his eventful life and career. 1,621 more words


' If you begin with the premise that the Freemasons killed Tupac..'

RMS Magazine presents
A Strange Trip into the Institute
Kelly Stanton interviews Doctor Pump from the Crazy Baldheads

While being kept waiting, I was gloomily figuring the exact point when a group of like-minded individuals becomes a cult. 927 more words

Soal Raden Said Soekanto Sang Guru Pengarsa

Sabtu tanggal 10 September 2016 saya jalan-jalan ke Gramedia Jl. Basuki Rahmat, Malang. Niat awal sekedar melihat buku terbitan baru yang berhubungan dengan sejarah. Melihat rak buku-buku terbaru, mata saya tertuju kepada biografi Raden Said Soekanto, Kepala Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia pertama. 442 more words


Thinking Outside The Box - Creative Ideas

In response to the question – “Where do the unusually creative ideas come from?”

I don’t know what your mind is like; as I have never been in it. 649 more words


A Perfect Square - esoteric fiction

A Perfect Square is on some level an exploration of the different ways people approach esotericism. Who are these people? Where can we find them? Meet the eccentric artist Harriet Brassington-Smythe, her daughter, pianist Ginny Smith, and the mysterious hidden figure of Wilhelm Schmid, a scholar of the esoteric order of the Rosicrucians. 374 more words