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Auriol, or the Elixir of Life: Ainsworth’s Rosicrucian and Faustian Novel

Originally published in 1844 in serial form as Revelations of London, William Harrison Ainsworth’s short novel Auriol, or the Elixir of Life is an interesting piece of Gothic literary history both for what it was influenced by and for the influence it had. 997 more words

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Rosicrucian Love

If her spine is the cross,
where is the rose?
Does it crown her skull,
opening its’ petals to the Godhead,
or does the rose… 13 more words


Memory Lane #2

Memory Lane #2 First time

I grew through 8th grade as an only child on a small farm in the Midwest. My ‘imaginary’ friends lasted much longer than usual. 298 more words


Hey, Can Ya Keep A Secret?

As long as mankind has been on the planet Earth, we’ve just loved to keep secrets. It kinda gives us some magic power over every one else when we think up something mundane to profess is a secret. 478 more words


Was Martin Luther a Rosicrucian?

The rose together with the cross is the sign of the Rosicrucian Order as seen below:

The cross symbolizes Christianity and the rose often symbolizes secrecy ( 55 more words


A Streaming Flow

Let’s think about this: if everything is energy as a first rule, then religions and spiritual writings and books of all kinds are manifestations of certain bands of energy. 1,034 more words

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Rosicrucians Ate My Brain

Who would have guessed that the arcane secrets of the cosmos were waiting for mankind in the classified sections of Popular Mechanics magazine all along!