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A Perfect Square - esoteric fiction

A Perfect Square is on some level an exploration of the different ways people approach esotericism. Who are these people? Where can we find them? Meet the eccentric artist Harriet Brassington-Smythe, her daughter, pianist Ginny Smith, and the mysterious hidden figure of Wilhelm Schmid, a scholar of the esoteric order of the Rosicrucians. 374 more words

Reclaiming Sovereignty: Dancing with the mind of God

I’ve been having a most interesting and enlightening time, lately, since my discovery of certain natural laws and how they resonate throughout the mind-body-spirit continuum. So I’d like to share some of that information with you here because, for me, it’s been something of a game changer in my spiritual practice, and you might like to try it in your own meditations. 1,558 more words

Ordo Ab Chao

New Editions!

We’re happy to announce that we are now publishing the Power Places Series. Under the Stone Paw is the first in the series followed by… 297 more words


The EnigMati is one of the strangest cults that exist in the World. It consists of breakaway dissidents of the Free Masons, The Illuminati, The Knights of the Templar and the Rosicrucians and the Bilderbergers… 488 more words

Flash Fiction

Fragmentary, No. 9

The rule that secret files must contain only information already known is essential for the operation of a secret service, and not just in this century.

99 more words

The Rosi Crutians

Which is how I first spelled it. They go with a “c” and no space. 200 more words

Francis Bacon


Whether Hitchcock should

have directed Scrooge before

he left Eggland for

Hollyweird to make

Rubicon and cop

an international

trepidation bugs

me fleetingly as

I avoid the shower and… 18 more words