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Rosie on marriage, bellies and feelings

Rosie: “Daddy, take that music away from me!” (Tatusiu, zabierz ta muzyke ode mnie)

Daddy: “What? What music Rosie? I don’t understand.” 191 more words

Kid's Talk

Rakin' in Sunshine

The Donkey Garden is open for the season… And did I get any pictures of it? No! It took three hours of raking to get the last of the gravel out. 175 more words

Animal Friends

Gotta Go!

Are you calling me?

Rosie KNOWS it is carrot time!

Darby making sure she doesn’t miss a thing.

Bella and her hay pillow.

Ears UP! … 73 more words

Animal Friends

Donkey Toys

All orange!

Hmmm … how does this work?

Smells like fun …

Maybe you step on it?

I’ll take it for a test drive.

Yoohoo … Bella! 211 more words

Animal Friends

Word Count Fatigue

It all started when I was listening to a podcast interview with a popular, indie romance writer. She said that these days, she likes to release a new book every single month. 823 more words



Oh well … no use heading out to scoop the poops. They’re hidden under the snow. I’ll just wait a few hours until spring comes back!

Animal Friends

The Sleep Summit

While Ben was out of town last week, the girls evidently held a secret conference. I don’t know where I was—maybe on my 100th milk run of the evening, waylaid in the kitchen by an over-affectionate Coconut, who, unbeknownst to me, was acting under orders. 410 more words