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Love, Rosie Book Review


I am so excited for this post because I’m going to be talking about Love, Rosie!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Love, Rosie. Sam Claflin and Lily Collins are two of my favourite actors so when they were cast as Alex and Rosie, I decided I had to read Love, Rosie. 583 more words


Killer Coconut

While the rest of the nation prepares for the biggest sporting event of the year, we Ojas are gearing up for a more insidious battle: humans versus cat. 647 more words

On Target

I, like every red-blooded American between the ages of 18-80, am a huge fan of Target, and am deeply suspicious of people who are not. My dad, for instance, swears only by K-Mart, which makes no sense, unless you enjoy shopping like you’re living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland: 937 more words


Trading Places

At the end of each day I entertain a parade of the jennies through the Bully Barn…

Tonight Bella managed to skip into the barn before anyone noticed I was there too. 150 more words

Animal Friends

Singing for Dinner

Darby and Rosie go through this routine every afternoon. They whine and dance and mutter and moan … but never bray … when they see a bowl of chopped carrots coming their way! 27 more words

Animal Friends