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First Snow

Obviously, being from Canada, I’m used to snow. And cold. Okay, not the cold – I’m all about coziness. so once the temperature gets to 50 I’m bundled in coats and scarves and sweaters and socks. 430 more words


Welcome to Weather + Wool

Hi there!

I have this incredible tendency to start a blog, and then never touch it again after one post. I’m trying to determine why that is? 329 more words


Fun in the snow

The cats loved playing in the snow last weekend. Two of them did, anyway. Sammie refused point-blank to go out in it. Frodo was outside for most of the day, with a short interlude for a wash and a snooze on my lap. 155 more words


Η εκθρόνιση της Kitty!

Η Kitty σου, η κολλητή σου φίλη από όταν ήσουν πολύ μικρούλα, η φθαρμένη και κατσιασμένη από την καθημερινή συντροφιά σε όλες τις δραστηριότητες μέρα-νύχτα εκθρονίστηκε! 11 more words

Μωρό μου

Member on Fire for December 2017

Rosie Maher Rosie has been a member of Auburn Fit1 for just a little over a year. She joined when her local gym closed, and she wanted to continue her classes with Patti Iorillo. 25 more words

Cat flaps

The cats are loving their new enclosure but it was getting a bit chilly having the back doors open for them to go in and out. 557 more words