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Biter Drop

Queen of the Hill

Munchies in the Shade

Afternoon Shade

Water and Shade – Anything Else?

Blooming Porch

Flower Plant Stand

Healthy Morning Glories

Have you ever seen a donkey about to lay down? 127 more words

Animal Friends

'Trust' Rosie

We haven’t really ventured far in Rosie this season as our adventures in Florida took place. Now we’re back we need to get some Rosie time in before the summer adventure (you’ll have to wait and see). 368 more words


Where there'shade ...

Darby, Rosie, Bella …

… following the shade …

… into the woods.

Poor Bella bakes on hot days!

Catkins from the oak trees are this week’s sought after treat. 181 more words

Animal Friends

Pink and Rosie

This summer’s mandevilla vine.

Cosmos and alyssum … now … if I can just make this alyssum happy for the whole summer!

Loving the ‘pinks’ this summer. 404 more words

Animal Friends


We’ve seen Rosie before but she is usually busy, actively exploring her surroundings. But, today, young┬áRosie (or Rosy?) finally stopped for a brief moment to meet Gigi! 57 more words

Clinging to life

Dilapidated mental asylums which were closed down country-wide in the early 1990’s became favored locations for photographers.

Shooting in this environment though is certainly emotionally disturbing as your mind drifts back into the past and tries to imagine the angst and suffering of those poor soles destined to live their whole life in such places. 6 more words

Outdoor Nude

Shade 3.0

Rufus noticed I had folded my favourite quilt and left it on my desktop!

Being the tallest does have its advantages.

Rufus settled in for the day. 306 more words

Animal Friends