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Stream of Consciousness Saturday--Ham

When I mentioned to my hubby the word of the day, he said, “Which ham? Rosie, Teddy, or Kali? Between them you have a whole hog!” 81 more words



Dead sweet Rosie had eager eyes. They were blue. She died three days after childbirth. Rosie must’ve been one of those women that can’t stand the grief. 415 more words


Family Day Weekend Visitors

First stop – saying hello to the jennies.

Then out to build with the snow.

A perfect day for making snow people!

AND for sliding! … 104 more words


Claiming this as Day One!

Oz loves a shoulder ride. ;)

Look at that sky!

Closed eyes …

… all around me.

Three jennies softly snoring!

Popsicles (aka ice blocks) were popular in today’s warmth. 186 more words

Animal Friends

Imaginary Spring

Oh dear …

Darby’s ears were WAY back …

… from first thing this morning. Hmmm … where is the new moon?

The Bully Barn… 161 more words

Animal Friends

One Line Wednesday--Lapse of Reason

One black cat (Rosie), one left-over Christmas tree trio, one lapse of reason.

Now do I put it up on the boxes again, just let it sit on the floor adding ambiance to a cold room, or give up and put it away for the year? 9 more words