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These eyes say a lot.

Cindy heading out into the wind.

The squirrels were playing tag in the maple.

Nom nom nom …

The waves were fun to play in. 435 more words

Animal Friends

Rosie & Frodo

I love this photo of the two of them on their cat tower.


Rugrat Theater 08-22-16

5-year-old Rosie was here bringing a lesser-known (apparently) movie with her to quote this morning. She did well! Stumped quite a few people too. Makes it a good game when that happens, for sure. 57 more words


Closing ceremonies - Team Canada

RIO 2016 has been something that I have really enjoyed. Likely this time, I am watching the Olympics even more than I used to since it is such as easy site to enter in on my computer. 269 more words

A Monday Adventure

Another day out with Rosie and the grandchildren. A quick selfie on the way to Markeaton Park, Derby.

Haven’t been here in ages, in fact since our kids were little and before that I remember visiting as a child myself. 78 more words


beyonce bit this...

…from Miss Shirley Ellis, best known for “The Name Game”, “The Clapping Song”, and “Nitty Gritty”. Of course, I don’t know if Beyonce (or Tricky or The-Dream) actually ripped from “Get Out” to get to “Single Ladies”, but it’s close enough to wonder. 77 more words