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Good Evening Sunshine

Click … hmmm … a surprise picture. ;)

Good evening sunshine

Love spending some early evening time with the jennies.

Especially after such a sunny afternoon as this. 34 more words

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Loving the Spring Hustle and Bustle!

Dark skies moving in … snow and rain coming tomorrow.

How come the Guineas get a Cabbage tetherball!

Pepper with ONE kid. You know why? They are such great bottle schlurpers that they are not frantic any more! 137 more words

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Beauty And The Beast

Everyone that has met Rosie knows that she has a massive love of all things Harry Potter, so when Beauty And The Beast was announced for the first time with Emma Watson as Belle, it was all Rosie could talk about. 252 more words

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Pregnancy update

I know everyone is anxious for pregnancy updates, so I thought I’d give a short update for now.

More than one girl has been bred, but we only have one “for sure” confirmed pregnancy at this time. 51 more words


My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad photo shoot

The good news: Everything turned out OK (but not great) in the end.
The bad news: I’ve never had more trouble doing a photo shoot… 612 more words

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Rosie MacLennan: Overcome Adversity | Heal Your Concussion

Rosie MacLennan had to overcome the adversity of Post Concussion Syndrome to defend her 2nd gold medal in 2016 Olympic Trampoline. Watch the video.


Spent a long time with the little dwarfs down the road today. This morning the little grey buckling was not doing so well – shaky, not interested in nursing… I watched very carefully to see what the others were doing when they nursed. 598 more words

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