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Sun going down … just after four. Funny to be out in the ‘early afternoon’ and see that buttery glow spreading ’round. Got me remembering a time when my Mom found a tree along one of her favourite walking routes that was decorated in the woods. 457 more words

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Red Skies

Anyone else noticing the red skies at nightfall? Quite beautiful – clear across the sky from the west to the east. Not sure what that… 130 more words

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Homage to a part of her

The other day as I left the house, the sun cast a rainbow onto the sky, arcing high over trees and mountains and bruise gray clouds. 701 more words

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - Lots of fun on today's shoot with @alicehampton head of glob... First Amendment

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Here's to home!

Happy Birthday Edie!

Attempting to protect one of the big oak trees from gnarly jennies.

Hoping this works!

Rosie – siding with me on this decision. 156 more words

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Sorting the Hens and the Roosters

Just a whisper of blue in a white world…

Then things started to sparkle.

Getting brighter …

… and just like that the clouds were gone. 143 more words

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Looks like these three might actually have fun playing with a tarp! Just not this one!

Adding a snow cover to keep the hay dry. … 623 more words

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