Rosli With The $40K Fender Custom Shop Tree Siren Stratocaster Closet Class

This one-and-only, hand-crafted and exquisitely designed, $40K Fender Custom Shop guitar found its way to the shores of Singapore through Swee Lee Music early this year after making its stunning debut at NAMM 2015. 126 more words

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Video & Pics From Rosli's Songcraft Factory

Swee Lee Boutique was filled with the attendees eager to hear what Rosli has to share on songwriting. The audiences listened with rapt attention and absorbed all of Rosli’s songwriting gold nuggets. 82 more words

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Thank You For Attending Rosli Mansor's Songcraft Workshop!

It was a great turnout that evening in a cozy environment yet with very enthusiastic crowd.

In the 90 minutes, Rosli shared as much as he could on his experiences on songwriting and peppered the workshop with funny quotes and comments while explaining the elements required for songwriting. 32 more words

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Rosli Mansor's Songcraft Factory - Writing Songs Using The "3M Method"

In our first ever SLMA workshop, we are proud to have Swee Lee Artist Rosli Mansor sharing his songwriting experiences.

Rosli has accumulated years of experience writing songs for varied platforms, from theatre plays to commercial ads and his 2 instrumental rock albums. 57 more words

Swee Lee Music Academy

Rosli Mansor's Songcraft Factory (Presented by Swee Lee Music Academy)

Rosli’s no stranger to songwriting, having written songs commercially, for theatre, short films, as well as his own instrumental albums over the years.

Condensing his songwriting experience into this 90-minute workshop presented by Swee Lee Music Academy, Rosli will talk about writing songs using the “3M Method”. 87 more words

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Chalk & Duster - The Awakening Duo

Most people end the year looking back and reminiscing on the old and done. And hardly do I count New Year resolutions particularly forward-looking.

That’s why I find Rosli’s new site and upcoming work so fascinating. 210 more words

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“Breathing Strings” Series – Blues Guitar Licks (Part 4)

Sadly, this is the last of Rosli’s “Breathing Strings” series (shucks!)

But fret not, we’ve more videos coming your way. Meanwhile, we hope you’ve enjoyed Rosli’s blues series so far. 47 more words

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