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Altantuya's Murder resurfaces--East Asia journalist, Mary Ann Jolley deported

September 12, 2015

Altantuya’s Murder resurfaces–East Asia journalist, Mary Ann Jolley deported

The deportation of an Al Jazeera journalist in the midst of investigative work on the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu raises questions as to why the case is so sensitive for Malaysian authorities, Lim Kit Siang said today. 311 more words


Seri Perdana - a soap opera made by the heavens.

It all got to our attention when Jho Low was photographed in a New York nightclub squeezing the ample right breast of a pretty young blonde – Ms. 741 more words


The Ids of March - a horror story

Now that the ides of March have come and gone, with all the drama happening only in the days leading up to it and, pffft…, all relatively quiet on the day itself, Sunday, we seem to be back again at the old stalemate. 309 more words


Eh, Rosmelda menghilang ke mana?

Gambar dirakam petang ini di LIMA, Langkawi  Le Tour De Langkawi (LTDL). Siti Hasmah ada pun.

Rosmah tak hadir? 7 more words

Najib Razak

One clueless moment ... captured on film

See how MCA president Liow Tiong Lai clasps his hand.

Below are examples of Najib’s favourite evangelista advisor Wong Chun Wai as well as Lim Guan Eng and Jackie Chan doing the same. 90 more words

Najib Razak

Annie's bad habit and the need for her to see the bigger picture

I’m writing this for blogger Annie in the hope that she understands what is at stake for all of us.

Annie blogged ‘Megalomaniac editor who made me pity Rosmah… 1,273 more words


Myanmar paper: Jho Low a 'Penang conman' and Rosmah a 'shopaholic wrecking ball'

Najib ‘a notorious philanderer’ says columnist
as he lets fly with colourful phrases about the PM,
Rosmah, 1MDB, and Rosmah’s son Riza Aziz