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Najib's Akujanji lagi


Below is a photo of the much touted Malay Unity event last night. The participants were in the midst of saying their prayers, so the photo must have been taken around 7.30pm. 811 more words

Najib Razak

Najib unfit to preach moderation when 'housewife' Rosmah is EXTREME in her upkeep

The “moderation” plank pitched by our Prime Minister is a cruel joke.

His wife Rosmelda must have thousands of dresses. Please do a Google image search. 355 more words

Najib Razak

How many handbags does she need?

In my posting yesterday, I asked what do Rosmah and Dodgy Podgy have in common besides their mutual love for branded handbags?

Answer: Their height and weight. 600 more words


Nazir, Nazim, Nizam dan Johari Razak ... nama Najib mana?

Kenyataan akhbar oleh empat orang anak Tun Razak:

“Kami sangat bimbang kerana beberapa laporan berita terkini dan tulisan (di Internet) menimbulkan spekulasi berhubung bentuk dan tahap warisan yang ditinggalkan arwah bapa kami, Abdul Razak. 472 more words

Najib Razak

60 Zunar T-shirts for the cost of Rosmah's designer hairdo

I have a copy of Zunar’s earlier book Cartoon-O-Phobia featuring Rosmah Mansor on the cover as well as the T-shirt.

For the price of Rosmah’s hairstyling – which is reportedly RM1,200 per pop – I can buy 60 more Zunar T-shirts (RM20 each). 1,000 more words

Hannah Yeoh

Jho Low, Rosmah's son and luxury homes in US

Jho Low, the party boy cum high-flying financier cum global investor from Penang, topped the front-page of The New York Times today, in an exclusve five-part investigation into mysterious buyers of luxury real estate in New York. 446 more words