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Malaysian Mafia #On the contrary Ahmad Husni! Auditor-General's report shows EVERY REASON TO SUSPECT NAJIB

Everyone cannot talk except Najib and his gangsters. Obviously Husni is among the prime suspects, being Najib’s henchman. Fucking piece shit, all of them; Malaysia is run by Bugis ‘pelanun’, murderers, cheats, rapists and robbers. 102 more words


Malaysia: Who is the Prime Minister?

Some years ago when there was hardly an opposition voice in the Malaysian parliament, many government’s excesses were kept hidden,swept under the carpet. The last 10 years have seen a change in the peoples’ mind. 427 more words


Dream on Malaysia while Indonesia takes stand against "Islamic" crazies

I’ll never forget how wistful my Malaysian cardiologist was when he found out that I was from Indonesia and that we now have Jokowi as the President. 655 more words


Rosmah in limelight over RM426,489.46 Qatar trip

Rosmah’s trip costs taxpayers a bomb, while Najib tells rakyat to be prudent with their spending.

rosmahKUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak was today criticised for not walking the talk in advocating prudent spending. 86 more words


Rosmah sampaikan pesanan kepada Putin supaya berikan penjelasan kepada Najib

Kak mah pun buat kerja. Sesungguhnya kita harus berbangga ada pemimpin macam Najib sentiasa fokus dan bersungguh sungguh bekerja sehingga isterinya pun risau.

Terjemahan oleh jurubahasa mandarin kami.