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Boat on the Ross Barnett Reservoir

This past Sunday I went out with my camera for the first time in around 9 months. You see, I’ve kinda hit a point with my photography where it feels like I just can’t advance. 26 more words


Pendulum Swing

Back in the 1980’s when Google didn’t exist, you couldn’t verify hunches the way you can now.

Maybe that’s a good thing…

…maybe you get much better at trusting your instincts, developing your sixth sense when you can’t receive immediate proof that what you believe to be true…is true. 701 more words


Lakes on the Pearl

John Conway is a young professional with a wife, a son and daughter. He lives in the house he grew up in, a house that sits just over a mile from the banks of the Pearl River. 5,599 more words


A New Beach at Pelahatchie Shore Park

An update of the improvements at Pelahatchie Shore Park

Ditch Fisher


Sometimes I can’t decide whether I am a “sunrise” or “sunset” kind of person. Tonight, the choice was “sunset”.  As we left the place we had dinner, the sky was beautifully pink (a most excellent color if you are a BC survivor). 432 more words


Debate over Timberlake Campground expansion at Ross Barnett Reservoir.

The Timberlake Campground is the place to be for tourists, commuters, retirees and transitioning families. So much so that more than 250 people are waiting for the chance to pitch a tent or set up an RV near the Ross Barnett Reservoir. 300 more words

Pearl River