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Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

The less said about my late, unlamented father, the better.  However, he did give me several things that are really worth having:  access to good school districts, a critical eye for fine detail, and a powerful interest in design, one that borders on the obsessive.  3,339 more words


Packed Powder, Trick Skis, and Caffeine Will Make You Feel Like A GOD*

*Disclaimer:  This may not work if you are used to having caffeine.

Holy cow.  We were 100% starved of natural snow for the entire month of December, and most of January.  999 more words


Some Things Just Really PISS Me Off.

OK.  First, if you’re one of my students, go read something else.  And if you keep reading this after that warning, I don’t want to hear about it on the evaluations.  1,708 more words


Snow! I want to wash my hands my face my hair with snow...

Just finished our annual household White Christmas Getaway to Vermont.  All that snow, you know.

And in a case of Life Imitating Art, there’s been just as much snow this year as there was in the movie.  2,176 more words


Shoulda Taken That Left Turn At Albuquerque...

I have survived the Grading Tsunami, I have moved most of the urgent work off of my plate, and I am on that most treasured perk for the college professor:  Winter Break.  2,834 more words


Blazing Down The White Ribbon Of Death

At 3pm on April 9, 2011, I added a walk-in closet to my mental landscape and stuffed the ski season into it.  And then I locked the door.  2,457 more words