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Nitro Powered Rotary Tool

We really don’t know if the world needs it but we’re sure glad took the time to build one. We’re talking about a nitro powered rotary tool… 227 more words

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An Artist's Tools, Part 1

An introduction to how I (sometimes) make my tools to create.

OVERVIEW: Art isn’t always about someone with talent creating something out of thin air with a magical brush. 643 more words

The Mother Of All Paper Cuts

A Dremel is a fantastically handy tool to have around the workbench, but there is one glaring and obvious downside: you will always run out of cut-off discs. 255 more words

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3D Printer Transforms to CNC

Superficially, it is easy to think about converting a 3D printer into a CNC machine. After all, they both do essentially the same thing. They move a tool around in three dimensions. 318 more words

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How To Drill Glass

Bottles and Windows Quake in My Presence,
Or How to Drill Glass

By Christine Cox

How you drill the glass and the type of bit you use depends on the size of the hole and which type of tool you own. 874 more words