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10 things not to ask or say to an exchange student

Being on an exchange is awesome and that is one of the reasons exchange students like to talk about it. However, being an exchange student can also pretty hard for a couple of reasons, one of them being the ignorance they have to deal with. 1,164 more words


Exchange Students and Host Family Try Vegemite!!

I gave my host mum and brother, the Brazilian and Taiwanese exchange students in my town a taste of vegemite for the first time! Their reactions are priceless!! 23 more words

Exchange Students Do the Tim Tam Slam!!

Today I showed the Brazilian and Taiwanese exchange students in my town how to do the Tim Tam Slam! Unfortunately I can’t post videos to my blog without paying… 11 more words

Vacation's over :(

Hi guys!

So I first should explain why I haven’t posted this yet. I wanted to do it on Sunday, but I didn’t really think you guys wanted to see another post along the lines of, “hey I did nothing!” So I didn’t write it. 980 more words

Exchange Student

six months (!!!)

This is all so bittersweet. It’s been half a year and now I’m really starting to feel like I am running out of time.

This month has been challenging like all the rest, just in different ways. 457 more words

Six Months In

As some of you know I am on exchange at the moment in Sweden and have been for the past six months. You can follow my exchange blog @Amelia’s Svensk Adventure and read about all my adventures there. 424 more words


Hello everyone!

This is post is going to be long, so I hope you are all ready! From the 8-15 of February I had the amazing chance to visit some amazing in places in both France and Spain! 1,850 more words

Exchange Student