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férias (yayayay)

I’M ON HOLIDAYS! I finished ‘primeiro ano’ (first year of high school) on the 18th, and I won’t have to go back to school until after Carnaval, the first week of February. 703 more words

The Big Question

The question every exchange student will constantly be asked on their year away is ‘why are you on exchange?’ Well naturally we say the first thing that comes into our heads: ‘ummmmmm’. 293 more words

30 Days of Thanks Day 21 - Bainbridge Rotary

I cannot thank the special people who made my trip to Tasmania possible without including the Rotarians who started it all. Today I want to share my thanks with the wonderful Rotarians from my hometown, the members of the Rotary Club of Bainbridge, NY. 1,043 more words

30 Days Of Thanks

The Nutcracker

Wednesday I went to Hamburg with my host mother, brother and grandparents to go to the ballet (yes, we are fancy people) and went to see the Nutcracker. 58 more words

The End?

Well, it’s done. Ive finally managed to fix my boxes to send home into the right weights and natutally sitting omtop of the lid to get it to closed. 77 more words

Hexenhause - Gingerbread House

Today my host mums patents came down to our house to make some Hexenhause (translation is witches house – from the story Hansel and Grettel). My newbie from Chile was also here and an Australian who is the sister of an ex-exchange student (my oldies oldie). 64 more words

Last Rotary Presentation

I had my last presentation to my Rotary Club Monday night to wrap up my exchange year and I have to say, it was like the end of an era. 70 more words