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I have arrived


I have arrived in Chile. This has been quite the adventure. My original plans for getting here were thrown out the window when there was bad weather.

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Rotary Youth Exchange

Week Two - Fødselsdagfest og Udvekslingstudent Sjovt!

Jeg er stadig træt, men jeg vil skrive. Jeg har en anden uge fremad. Det vil være godt.

My first week of school was very exciting, but school wasn’t the only new experience I had this week. 791 more words

Rotary Youth Exchange tour reunites 25 years later

By Emma Naas, a former Rotary Youth Exchange Student from Sweden

In the summer of 1991, 377 Rotary Youth Exchange students boarded eight buses and journeyed around the American continent for five weeks. 305 more words

Empowering Youth

First Impressions of Sch0ol - "Exchange Student Tired"

Det er tid igen, mine venner. Jeg kan ikke stoppe skrivning. Hvorfor? Jeg kan rigtig god lide writing, det er alt.

To my American readers, don’t fear, this will be in English. 822 more words

1 Day


Hello. I have 1 day left till I leave 😱😱😱😱😱. I leave from The airport in Seattle on Friday at 10 am. After that I have a 4 hour flight to Dallas, a 2 hour layover, and then a 9 hour flight to Santiago and then a Youth Exchange Program camp in Santiago!!! 281 more words

Rotary Youth Exchange

18 Days.

Well 18 days folks until I leave the States! I have been super busy preparing: purchasing adapters and luggage, practicing Italian, and emailing my host family. 361 more words

Settling in

So far, nothing has been “easy.”

Karkuu, although it was meant to be a boot camp of sorts, was surprisingly helpful and fun. Despite being mistaken for an american for the first few days, I learnt a lot of helpful information on what to expect on my first day of school, in my new home, and from Finnish people in general. 1,147 more words