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south american tour: uruguay


Visiting Punta del Este in April is like celebrating Kwanzaa in the Vatican or the 4th of July in Islamabad. With only 9,000 permanent residents, the Uruguayan coastal town would be irrelevant if not for the half a million porteños and tourists that flock there every summer.  1,035 more words


I was thinking about having a Q&A! If you have any questions, whether it is about exchange in general, my exchange or just my normal life, please do not hesitate to put them here in the coment section bellow, or send me a message! 768 more words

a reminder - this is not it

Dear me,

The past two months have held some of the best moments of your life.

You celebrated your birthday with 60 kids from around the world and marveled at two natural wonders. 239 more words

Romería de Tegueste

When on exchange you’re going to walk blindly into a lot of situations. You’ll be invited and/or dragged to places and events not knowing what to expect or what is even happing. 134 more words


I think I’ve mentioned a few times before in this blog a place called “playa del hippie”, a beach around the corner from la Caleta where people have set up there own little colony and live in tents or huts. 167 more words


When on exchange you typically don’t get to see your parents for 10 months to a year. But sometimes, if you’re lucky, they can come visit. 459 more words


Yes. The rumors are true. It finally happened. I learnt to surf!

Throughout my 16 years I have come to believe that my life was designed for me to surf. 124 more words