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Rotational grazing, fencing projects improve bottom line while benefitting wildlife

Chris Knight is a cattleman with 80 purebred Black Angus and 30 years in the beef industry. Knight owns Clear Creek Farms, an operation just five kilometers from the farm of his father Victor where he got his start in farming. 574 more words

forage and minerals

Turning the lactating cows into a pasture of about three acres on the west side of the monastery, which is in the process of being reclaimed from eight-foot pokeweed and briars (a pasture informally known as the ‘Calf pasture’, meaning it’s where we feed hay to the young stock when winter weather is really severe), we notice the wide variety of plants — grass, forbs and “weeds” — that make up the knee-high forage which has replaced the poke and canes.  106 more words

Cows Minerals

MayMay goes to "jail"

My new Cowgirl life continues. I have had a couple of rather harrowing experiences  in the past couple weeks, but mostly, it has been just purely amazing and life-changing to have my own herd of Scottish Highlands. 833 more words

New Farmer

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Ideas, Passion and Spirit That Shape a Family Dairy Farm

I first heard of the Yegerlehner’s dairy farm and shop when I was in high school. Dad came home from work one night with small blocks of cheese and told me excitedly that there was a farm just outside of Clay City that sold milk and cheese made from their own cows in their own shop. 1,871 more words


A Moo...ving Experience

July 1, 2015

As part of my rotational grazing method of raising livestock, I moo-ve my cows often :o  I just need one gal to follow along and all the rest follow her. 277 more words

Draft Horses

Where Things Stand

Another month of neglect for this poor blog.

Last fall, I dealt with a kidney stone which impeded my shepherding.  In April, I again had pain in my lower abdomen.  334 more words


Happy As A Pig In .......... Shhhhhh

June 17, 2015

Our sow herd is out on pasture. They seem to love that space. The have several wallows thanks to all of our recent rains. 319 more words

June 2015