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sacrifice paddocks

Wednesday, March 25, the Annunciation:

All winter we’ve held the lactating cows up front on the better forage, while the dry cows, heifers and yearlings cleaned up out back on the paddocks farthest from the dairy, and therefore the longest walk for the milkers.  254 more words

Dairy Cow

My Cows Hate Me

Well some of them anyway.  Jane is pretty content from the looks of her noonday nap today.  She’s busy making milk.

These guys?  Not so much.  274 more words

Farm Life

A Big Thank You

to my husband for making my job easier in many ways.

Especially when it comes to our electric fencing setup or system, whatever you want to call it.  655 more words

Farm Life

A Big Day - Cows In

It’s been balmy enough that the grass is starting to grow.  Which means it’s time to put the cows in once and for all.  I have over stayed my welcome in the pasture.  516 more words

Farm Life

Peeing it Forward Part I

Got you with that title didn’t I?  My hope with the new year and all the farm planning that is taking place at kitchen tables everywhere, is that a bit of time is devoted to manure management too.  1,202 more words

Farm Life


As you can see from reading through our earlier posts, most of our attention is focused on the chicken. But equally important is our small, cloven-hoofed, sunlight-harvesters raised in conjunction with our poultry; also know as sheep. 135 more words

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