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Got back from work, and now we are hauling hay from the field to home. After that we will have to move the hot fence on our rotational grazing pasture again. 47 more words

Fall/Winter Farming Goals

My Mom and I have a lot of thing we have to do on the farm this winter. But it is so hot out besides the morning when we do our smaller chores.   257 more words

4-H Heritage Breeds/Small Sustainable Farming Project

Getting the Pastures Ready for Fall

Today I am going to write about the pasture management My Mom and I have been doing over the past few weeks.

Our pastures haven’t been the best this summer. 414 more words

4-H Heritage Breeds/Small Sustainable Farming Project

Pig Rotation

To clarify my efforts in pasturing pigs and what actually happens in each cycle, I prepared a document which you can check out below –

Why Rotational Grazing Makes Sense

Rotational grazing is a practice that has been put in place because it has proven a very economical option for cattle-raising farmers. On the surface it is the ultimate way to feed cattle which are managed for human consumption, but rotational grazing has been quite a revelation in that it has served other purposes. 237 more words

Shady Summer Pasture

August 15, 2016

This patch of woodlands was recommended by the state forester to become a pasture. There were not too many trees worth saving according to him. 291 more words

Small Farming

Keeping The Pasture Healthy With Managed Grazing

Managing where and when livestock graze will be a huge boost in grass-fed, natural-raised livestock farming. Well-managed practices provide the best possible nutrients to the animals and builds a better habitat and ecosystem for them. 225 more words