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Compost Management

Today I am going to write about compost management. I will tell you what is good and bad about it and some easy ways to manage it. 291 more words

4-H Heritage Breeds/Small Sustainable Farming Project

Easy Pig Shelters

Hello, today I am going to explain why having a shady, safe shelter for your pigs is so important, and some cheap, easy ones to build. 457 more words

Small Farm

Pasture Management

Today, I am going to talk a little bit about pasture management. It is very important knowledge to know when operating a farm. I will talk about what is good to have in a pasture and what is bad to have in a pasture. 307 more words

4-H Heritage Breeds/Small Sustainable Farming Project

Springing Considerably

The forest floor is sprouting forth with an abundance of white trout lilies this week. It made me curious about the trillium that we transplanted from our lake place last year. 318 more words


Anxiously Waiting

We knocked off a good number of satisfying chores yesterday, taking full advantage of perfectly summer-like weather. In fact, it was so summery, I found myself mowing grass.  284 more words


On entropy, goats, and rotational grazing.

They say that the second law of thermodynamics dictates that the entropy of any closed system is bound to increase – that is to say, will move from order to disorder. 455 more words


Suddenly green

Well that was fast.

Plenty of rain and several weeks of May-like temps have turned the switch on early, it seems.  We’re told to expect some cold nights and snow flurries before March is behind us but there’s really no stopping what’s going on out there in the woods and fields, ponds and streams, soil and sky.  161 more words

Spring Pastures