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i might have actually done "it" this time

I’ve worked in IT for my entire adult life, all six months of it. (HA!) The university I work for is at the tail end of a migration from one learning management system to another which means I’ve been spending a whole lot of quality time moving things “by hand” for faculty who aren’t comfortable doing it themselves, or for whom it’s entirely too time consuming. 194 more words

Adventures in stem cell based regenerative medicine—Part 3: Bone marrow/blood draw, re-injection

This appointment was the “big day” and consisted of 2 separate appointments: One to suck out bone marrow and blood, and the next to inject the solution created from it back into my right shoulder. 771 more words

Adventures in stem cell based regenerative medicine—Part 2: The first injections

Phase 1 of the injection process begins with injecting a Dextrose solution into the targeted areas to induce an inflammatory response. It is a fairly “simple” procedure, but also a bit of a painful one. 370 more words

Adventures in stem cell-based regenerative medicine—Part 1: The consultation

When my Orthopedic doctor basically told me “call us when you want to schedule surgery”, I decided to look into cutting-edge regenerative procedures.

A little history… 955 more words

Day 1907: A grain of salt

People I love keep telling me to take things with a grain of salt, even though I should be restricting my salt intake.

If you don’t know the meaning of the idiom “a grain of salt,” take… 469 more words

Personal Growth

Day 1870: What does CGP stand for?

In my Continuously Generated Posts, I Commonly Get Pleasure out of asking what Certain Generically Positioned initials stand for (like here and here).

For Creative Good Purposes, I’m Collecting General Paraphernalia in Comfortably Graduated Paragraphs of what CGP stands for, including: 92 more words

Personal Growth

Day 1869: A painful process

Since I fell and tore my rotator cuff, life has been a painful process. Yesterday, when I was processing with other group therapists, somebody with true wisdom showed me this cartoon: 311 more words

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