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The Treasures from Trials

My pastor’s “Daily Word” is an email devotional that he publishes Monday through Friday each week.  The message the day following my MRI reading and the scheduling of my shoulder & bicep surgery couldn’t have been more timely.   2,197 more words

Sore Shoulders

Monday. Bloody Monday. Shoulder. Bloody shoulder.

There has been a lack of fitness related content of late because yes, you guessed it, my shoulder.

I was welcomed into the Snap City Hall of Fame almost eight weeks ago and being an honorary member hurts more than ever. 489 more words


Shoulder Almost Fully Rehabbed!


Over the weekend I did a dead hang with almost no pain at all. I’m talking a 1-2 on the pain scale. I felt so good that I also did some scapular pulls hanging there. 172 more words


Shoulder Rehab – Almost there!

Today I find myself wanting to skip my shoulder rehab work. Not because I can’t stand it anymore, but because I have other demands on my time and I feel good about the progress I’ve made. 227 more words


Shoulder Rehab – Making Progress

The last couple of days I have taken a break from rehabbing, I had a serious issue with my foot. I woke up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain right across the bridge of my foot, right in the center. 324 more words


Shoulder Rehab – Making Progress

Over the weekend I did a dead hang from a pull-up bar with scapula activated (pulled back and down). Didn’t time myself, just did it as a test so I hung as long as I could keep very strict form. 132 more words

Shoulder Rehab - 02/20/2016

I have been doing more research, and I feel confident that I have diagnosed the muscles involved in my discomfort / restricted mobility pain. I was only half right yesterday, it’s the infraspinatus and/or the… 186 more words