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Marking time

“Marking time” is a military term that means to march in place, and thereby, not go anywhere. I have been going to therapy twice a week for three weeks now, but haven’t made any real progress. 286 more words

Rotator Cuff Surgery Recovery

Hurricanes and Rotator Cuff Surgery

Rotator cuff surgery and hurricanes are somewhat alike. The initial surgery is like the front side of the hurricane with the initial torment of pain. Then, there is the… 301 more words

Making some progress

Today is Saturday, September 5th. It has been 10 days since my surgery. Some things are improving.

One of my major problems was what to do about pain management. 395 more words

Surgery tomorrow

I will show up tomorrow at 6:30 AM for my left shoulder surgery. I’ve been fitted for a new fancy sling made especially for shoulder surgery patients. 198 more words

Wish I had known these things prior to rotator cuff surgery

About a week prior to surgery I looked at videos of the surgery & read through a few blogs.  One that I found very helpful was Pam Young’s blog on goodreads.com.   617 more words

Home Cold Therapy Unit

After rotator cuff surgery

It’s great to have the sling off after rotator cuff surgery.  The pillow that was attached to hold my arm out away from my side was to allow the rotator cuff tendons to heal, and let the titanium stitches inside become one with the healed tissue, attaching it to the bone.   397 more words

Ramblings..........and Reality Checking

Three weeks in a surgical sling

It has been a long three weeks. The weight of your arm in the sling is hard on your neck and the exaggerated moves that you need to make being only one handed just make you tired by the end of the day.   384 more words

Ramblings..........and Reality Checking