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Pedagogy in Odissi: Multiple Voices, Multiple Perspectives

by Aastha Gandhi

Method of Teaching
Indian classical dance training is highly codified where students are mostly taught through a method of imitation of Guru’s demonstrations. 1,754 more words



One morning I was sitting at my home & was watching TV with my family members, I was physically present but consciously my mind was bombarded with various thoughts & emotions My post graduate examination results were out, Campus placement was over most of my friends were placed & still I don’t have a job, I was feeling low, College life was over I was feeling the pressure of time. 437 more words

Critical Thinking

Special Report: Solving the math problem

Report cards are going home across the city next week, and across Ontario, Grade 9 students have just been through provincial assessments for math.

For all involved — students, teachers and parents — this is an occasion ripe for anger and anxiety. 204 more words

Local News

Dissertation preparation!

So it’s that terrible time of the year for 3rd year students, dissertation is looming ever closer and I thought now was a good chance (mainly for procrastination purposes) to share some books/talks/websites that have helped me to (start) writing it, my working title at the moment is: 535 more words

Life In Medical College

“You! You stand up! Why you are not paying attention?”
The professor’s words made me jerk out of my seat slightly, where I had been nodding off. 1,152 more words

361. Learning is the Student's Responsibility

No getting around it, we learn by sensing and doing. This requires liberal doses of time, frustration, variation, imagination, refinement, experimentation, curiosity, and practice, practice, practice. 162 more words


Cognitive Theories of Learning

This week’s readings on cognitive theories of learning gave me things to think about in terms of the education system in the United States. A distinction was made between two types of learning: rote and meaningful. 246 more words