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Where Computers and Classrooms Meet – Policy Successes and Struggles in South Korean Education Reform

By Charleen Chiong (@CNCharleen), University of Cambridge

The tides are turning in classrooms in South Korea. In the 1960s, a wave of industrialization swept the young republic, causing rapid economic and educational growth. 1,078 more words

Public Affairs, Administration And Policy

Learning Times Tables

I appreciate this has a limited range of appeal (Mums with kids aged KS1-2) but it is a life changing product for those with children who just don’t have the patience or interest in learning their times tables. 228 more words

Not By Rote Please...

So many times, I have registered for an online program with a lot of enthusiasm, but halfway through it all, I just barely limp to finish or my interest wane’s completely and after settling down to analyse why my interest wavers, I got to realize way back before now, that for me to maintain an optimum balanced interest in a learning activity, it’s got to be interactive enough. 373 more words

The Daily Post

5 Benefits of Memorizing Scripture (and 4 ways to do it!)

Even if you hate memorization of anything, you need to read this post!

There seems to be a trend to dismiss memorization as a worthless practice. 1,765 more words

Christian Living

Propaganda, PR and spin, managing public deception

A letter a day to number 10. No 1,290

Saturday 19 December 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Nice to see that you’ve had to increase the number of your special advisers and spin doctors which cost us £11.1 million last year because if anyone needs them, you do. 545 more words

Keith Lindsay-Cameron

Homeschooling and Examinations (Part 2)

The main focus of the examination is on how well the child is able to memorize information. So, even if the child is able to comprehend and apply information, unless he reproduces the same in the written form, he cannot be said to have actually comprehended the information. 305 more words


Why I'm highly demotivated and done with this shit.

I have my half yearly examinations in a week. and I’d rather do anything but open my books and study. All I’ve done all my life is study and you’re still telling me I’m not done with it. 205 more words