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Education with caution

Recently we had a houseparty at our place and while we were all chatting- comes an interesting topic of kid’s education. It all started with one of our friends expressing his dissatisfaction at his daughter wanting to drop maths and science because she was not sure she liked it. 520 more words

I is for Idiolect (and Intimate discourse)

A weekend in Tangier prompted a re-reading of the letters of William Burroughs (Harris 1993) , the US writer who lived there in the 1960s. Apart from their intrinsic interest, there were a number of linguistic oddities that caught my eye. 920 more words

English Language Teaching

Lesson #2 - "Where the formula fails"

So, you have memorised the textbook back to front and aced your exams. Well done. Now recall what you learnt.

It’s fine if you can’t, because you are not alone and no one will explicitly ask you to prove your knowledge because all the ‘proof’ they need has already been cemented in your exam marks. 344 more words

Lesson #1: “Formula for Success”

rote learning n.

Learning or memorization by repetition, often without an understanding of the reasoning or relationships involved in the material that is learned.

How many times have you been told “Memorise this because it will be on the test”?

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Education, well-done, with a side order of Ratta?

Hey moms and dads!

Now that the school year has ended, what do you plan to do with your kids over the summer holidays? Will you send them to summer school, or perhaps have them volunteer somewhere like SOS Village or Edhi Homes? 571 more words


Learning from the Finnish education system

Finn and fun: Lessons from Finland’s new school curriculum

The Volatile and Uncertain Global Economy

Reading Straits Times recent article on Finland’s education system is a prompt reminder to us at TLP, why what we do is so important. 558 more words


Rote-learning crisis in India

– By Sameer Sampat, CEO ISLI


That is the sound of Rahul’s teacher, Sapna Ma’am, hitting him over the knuckles when he failed to include the abbreviation of a tangent in its definition as it is stated in the textbook. 779 more words