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Freiburg i. Br. - das Geldsystem

Es wird politisch viel geschrieben, doch letztendlich ist die Wurzel des Übels unserer Zivilisation das Geldsystem, den jede Umweltverschmutzung, jeder Egoismus, unsere gesamte Lebenskraft ist völlig auf das Geld ausgesteuert. 114 more words


Game 13. Yanks lose, 6-3.

So far, we have been waiting to see the ace that Sonny Gray was in Oakland—the one that from 2013-2015, put up a 2.88 ERA. 359 more words

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Rockefellers Join Soros & Rothschilds In Cryptocurrency Investment Plans

Source: Zero Hedge

Despite the collapse in cryptocurrency prices since the beginning of the year (bitcoin is down more than 60% and ethereum down more than 70% from their ATHs), more marquee investors have decided that now is the time to buy in. 753 more words


The Annunaki - How They Shaped Our History

I’ve been extensively researching the Anunnaki timeline wondering how certain players like the Rothschilds and Merovingians fit in to the narrative. It’s clear they are running the show when it comes to politics, money, religion, media, education, eugenics, basically mass manipulation. 2,091 more words


Rothschilds Meet with the Devil ~ March 30, 2018

Amschel Mayor James Rothschild (1955 – 1996) is depicted here as making the comments when it was John Todd who gave the interview with a Magazine called ‘Progress For All’ as follows: The following is from the magazine Progress for all January 1991, an interview regarding the clarification of the Pyramid and the shining eye on the back of the US One Dollar Bill: “The seal of the pyramid was created by the Rothschild family and brought to North America by Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton before 1776. 175 more words