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Netanyahu's Big Whopper: The State Of Israel’s Role In The Cataclysm To Come

The Art of the Big Whopper… or New Adventures in Propaganda

[ Editor’s Note: Phil Butler has a well-timed rundown on Israel’s plans to salvage, when it can, from its disappointment in not enjoying Syria as a crushed and Balkanized neighbor – and a reality where Israel would not be effectively controlling the territory north and east of the Golan Heights. 2,045 more words


PizzaGate Continued: Part 1, James Alefantis & Comet Ping Pong

Once upon a time when Commissioners Frank Winstead and Karen Lee Perry were trying to keep Comet Ping Pong from having their proposal to continuously stay open later than 12 am and have more late night heavy bands, Commissioner Frank made what some might say was a prophetic statement. 821 more words

Updated Death Toll & Devastation By The Illegal Occupation Of Palestine By Israel

For centuries there was no such conflict. In the 19th century the land of Palestine was inhabited by a multicultural population – approximately 86 percent Muslim, 10 percent Christian, and 4 percent Jewish – living in peace. 543 more words


Truth Honor & Integrity Show 09/28/17

Now here we have a game changer!

The intel in tonight’s show is amazing. The Rothschilds are on the ropes. Arrests are being made. Behind the scenes, but things are coming. 28 more words


California Secretary of State, "Russia Did Not Hack Voting System: Unconstitutional DHS Incompetent

Tickles Right Up My Leg!!

Last Friday the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) dropped a “bombshell” statement that sent a “thrill up the leg” (to quote Chris Matthews) of every CNN reporter across the country.  821 more words


Syria Demands That UN Put An End to US Deep State ‘War Crimes’

Syria has yet again written to the UN demanding that the world body take immediate action against the US-led bombing campaign, which is killing civilians and devastating the country’s infrastructure. 535 more words


12 Minute Video - Some Things You May Not Have Known About The Rothschilds

Evil is often respectable if you have enough money.  See link below:

15 Points Of Interests On The Rothschilds


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