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Napoleon and Nathan Rothschild

In Paris, the Bank of France was established in 1800 in the same manner as the Bank of England. Napoleon never trusted the Bank of France and he believed that France had to break free of debt. 1,050 more words

First Bank of the United States

Years later it became a common saying that the Rothschilds were the power behind the old Bank of the United States. In order to get Congress to agree to the bank’s charter, the bank advertised itself as a solution to inflation and a way to stabilize the banking system. 495 more words

Rothschild wants to oust Corbyn because he wouldn't bomb the ME if he becomes PM. That's all. The Antisemitism row is bull**it.

I’m not saying that Rothschild doesn’t care about Antisemitism, but be honest, they are making a fuss because 2 years ago Naz Shah wrote an antisemitic sentence on twitter that was probably a joke and happened after Gaza bombings. 612 more words


Andrew Jackson, Who Fought Central Bank, Removed from $20 As “Public Concern for Liberty” Erased


By Mac Slavo | SHTFplan

The War on Cash has many fronts.

The latest battle is for the face of the currency itself, and the central bankers, who control the front anyway, have imposed a symbolic defeat against the leaders in America’s past who have fought against the stranglehold of the money makers. 1,163 more words

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Donald Trump’s New World Order Connections Revealed

Donald Trump’s New World Order Connections Revealed

By Event Is Coming Soon

Originally Published on Apr 17, 2016

Donald Trump’s New World Order Connections Revealed. Source: … 71 more words


Rugrats : The Bumpity Bump Bump Game

Rugrats : The Bumpity Bump Bump Game

An eighth note or a quaver is a musical note played for half the value of a quarter note and twice that of the sixteenth note, which amounts to one quarter the duration of a half note, one eighth the duration of whole note, one sixteenth the duration of a double whole note, and only thirty-second the duration of a longa, hence the name. 1,016 more words

An Eight Note

The Debt for Nature Scam

Never heard of the GEF, or debt-for-nature swaps, or the proceedings of the 4th World Wilderness Congress? Of course you haven’t. The powers -that – shouldn’t – be have decided it’s better for their scheme if you don’t. 1,092 more words

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