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Waking Life

Living in Austin, it’s hard not to be a fan of Richard Linklater. So many of his films capture that unique brand of relatable intellectualism  that made me fall in love with my adopted home town. 321 more words


Tehran Taboo (2017) is the Ensemble Drama in fine form

The ensemble cast street-film is a staple of prestige cinema. Kenji Mizoguchi’s final film Street of Shame (1956), considered by many to be his opus, gets rightfully lauded as one of the pillars of this genre. 1,372 more words


Ghost Hollow Road

Here’s an animated short I made based on a conversation with my sister that I recorded over Skype. Whom I recorded over Skype? That’s not a very good sentence. Anyway… enjoy.


Waking Life - inside the mindscape

“I see this as a realistic film about an unreality. The gestures, the sound, the human expressions all seem real, but reality is re-interpreted artistically. It becomes a kind of moving painting.” -Richard Linklater, Wired magazine… 2,647 more words

Blog the week #3

Monday 6th November:

On Monday, we were introduced to the day’s themes: collaboration and animation. To me, collaboration is the idea of multiple people equally contributing towards an end goal. 649 more words