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Slow Internet and Huge Files

I was not feeling well, today, so I decided to work on my project from home rather than at school. What I didn’t realize is that the internet at my home is even slower than the internet as school and these giant files just do not download very fast. 54 more words


Beginnings of a Background

These PSD files are absolutely huge. I’m spending a good deal of time just waiting for them to upload and download from Google Drive and my external hard drive. 85 more words


How does one Rotoscope?

I’m really torn in how I want to go about doing this project. On one level, I want to just completely dive in and make the craziest, most detailed digital paintings for each and every frame, that it might be mind-breakingly beautiful. 252 more words


Brainstorming and Reference Video

I’ve been working for about five and a half months on a world-creation project for my portfolio. It’s a fantasy style forest reminiscent of something you’d find in Dungeons & Dragons or… 288 more words


Project 1: Rotoscoping

Hello, all! Let’s get right into it. The first project for this class is a Rotoscoping Animation. Here’s the definition according to Wikipedia: 200 more words


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Don't Have Nightmares 2015 (Revised)

Don’t Have Nightmares was an unfinished project back in April, 2015. An installation was to be incorporated but due to complications, I abandon the idea. Also, the audio was never added as the animation remained unfinished. 351 more words