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Fire and Ice

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After the release of American Pop in 1981, and the continued success he had had financially on his past three films, the studios were ready to fund almost any pet project he came up. 1,054 more words


Q4 Grade 6 Animation


Using DoInk animation, the students did some exploring and experimenting, exactly the same way that grade 7 did. First we learnt how to draw and move parts like a flipbook whilst following the DoInk stickman tutorial. 198 more words

Grade 6

American Pop

(Check out my previous Ralph Bakshi film review here: The Lord of the Rings)

After the negative critical reception of Bakshi’s last film, the production difficulties attendant upon the adaptation of an epic work of fiction to the animation medium, and a growing distaste with fantasy plots in general, Bakshi decided to go back to something more personal on his next film. 1,213 more words


Significance of Rotoscoping & Motion Graphics

In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the importance as well as other relevance of Rotoscoping and Motion graphics in the film industry.

The Indian and Hollywood film industry has come a long way after facing so many difficulties in several aspects of its experiences. 1,392 more words


Sound, set & action: Part two

After a first briefing with my self i had to admit that the ideas in my mind were really confused. My brain was not working at all. 198 more words

Sound , set & action: Part one

Let’s start talking about this new challenge. During the last few weeks we have been looking around the animation world but that was probably just a beginning. 143 more words