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Rotoscoping - combining compositions

hahaah don’t know what’s going on! Should not be flashing, should be no green marks. More troubleshooting ahead!

As opposed to making a new composition and then putting 2 compositions within that (which is what I did and everything started flashing). 22 more words

5 Common Mistakes To Be Avoid in Character Animation Demoreel

More animation studios are looking for animators who excel at character animation in more realistically way. Recruiters at VFX, video game and animation studios find it hard to locate competitors with the adequate character animation. 575 more words


Rotoscoping - 1

I’ve spent the past couple of days rotoscoping a piece of my film. Only for seconds long and with my beginner skills has taken me 2 days! 184 more words

Spring films

My personal projects have screeched to a standstill over the last few months, and only now have I been picking up the pace. There’s not much to show yet, but hopefully soon I will have some new renders to show off. 201 more words

2D Animation


Sorry everyone for not posting for a while. Motivation has been hard to find recently and my depression has been getting the better of me. Speaking of depression, I’m looking to do an animation about depression for the short film competition DepicT! 60 more words

Animation - Rotoscoping

The second session of animation was rotoscoping. An interesting concept, whereby you draw over a video frame by frame to create an outcome of an animation, but an almost carbon copy of the video provided beforehand. 147 more words