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week sixteen: Rotoscoping

On Thursday we came in and went down to the computer room. Our teacher explained us what rotoscoping was and send us a document where we could work on. 114 more words

Project Two

You've never heard of them, but Annie Awards could be the next Oscars

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Annie Awards are the equivalent of the Oscars for the animation industry, but even though popular films and series are nominated, many people remain unaware of the annual ceremony. 451 more words

WEEK 15 Thursday: Animation

The task of the day was building a model of a building in scale.

The project started with a little briefing about how to built the building. 73 more words

Project 1

WEEK 15 Monday: Animation

For the next two weeks we will be engaged in the animation world. This is pure fun and moment of joy. i’ve never seen how animation works and i feel like i wanted to know every single detail. 146 more words

Ghost Hollow Road

Here’s an animated short I made based on a conversation with my sister that I recorded over Skype. Whom I recorded over Skype? That’s not a very good sentence. Anyway… enjoy.


My Review of Your Lie in April!

Inspiration can be a fickle thing. The muses may guide our hearts towards a particular passion, but they don’t always stick around to see us through it. 4,366 more words