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Disruptive Technologies: Self-reflexivity & Black & White Aesthetics

As I’ve been experimenting with colour vs black and white recently, it made me consider self-reflexivity in the filmaking process. Not that my project¬†exclusively relates to this subject matter though it did get me thinking about the aesthetics of black and white and colour in film in more depth. 97 more words


Main Flash Rotoscope Assignment

Your assignment is to rotoscope any 10-15 sec segment of a video of your choosing (please only appropriate videos please). You will need to convert the video from .MP4 to .FLV as we went over last class. 168 more words


How to Download and Save clips in FLV

On Wednesday, I will assign the main rotoscope assignment. But before I do, I have to go over a short tutorial with you on how to download and save clips in FLV. 112 more words


It Started Out in Animation, Now Used for Visual Effects: All About Rotoscoping

I have heard of rotoscoping. I thought it was just a technique used to assist in animation on cartoons early in the 20th century. Turns out the technique is still used, and even in non-animated product. 534 more words

Alan's Thoughts

Mini Roto-scope assignment

Your assignment is to rotoscope any 3-5 sec segment of the Telus Hippo advertisement. You can pick any part that you would like to rotoscope, eg, the part with the Hippo and the Rabbit together. 85 more words


Tutorial, rotoscoping

Today we will go over how to do a basic rotoscope. It is very easy. On Monday, we will go over some basics of sound editing in Garageband. 42 more words