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Blender screen replacement & marker removal

Lately I’ve been doing more and more for 3DArtist magazine. I got to meet editor Steve Holmes at Siggraph last year, and since then, he keeps inviting me back to do more fun compositing tutorials in Blender, which of course is a pleasure. 250 more words




For either broadcast video or Internet streaming video, rotoscoping is the rotated projection of a sequence of usually photographed action image frames so that the artist can trace from the frame or create an image to superimpose on it. 868 more words


Sequence 11 and Consultation

I haven’t been writing about my practice for a while now. It’s not that I’m procrastinating or anything, far from it, it’s just that I don’t want to bore myself with the project. 363 more words


Ralph Bakshi Retrospective Part 5: Lord of the Rings (1978)

Up to this week, we’ve covered Bakshi’s most personal films. Fritz was an adaptation, sure, but it was based on material with which he was highly sympathetic and allowed him to produce a feature as a series of linked episodes. 1,260 more words

Film Reviews

Rotoscoping: Linear Alterations, Before & After

Here, I’ve been experimenting with the effects in Windows Movie Maker Live. The objective is to radically alter linear movement and brush strokes. Usually, after the drawing process when rotoscoping, I import the files into a photo editor and texture each frame. 96 more words


Gah... So much multitasking...

Okay, so now we’re simultaneously starting the Audio project and the Printed Flip Book. Along with that, we’ve been asked to start thinking about the Final Project… 528 more words