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Run, jump, and slash your way out of the dungeons (and save the princess)!

My family bought our first home computer in the early 1990s. It was an IBM PC AT running MS-DOS 4.01 on an 80286 CPU with 1Mb of RAM (the prehistoric config also included 5.25″ and 3.5″ floppy drives!). 454 more words



Atlanta-based graphic designer Matthias Brown has a Tumblr called Traceloops where he experiments with rotoscoping. Brown has work commissioned by Tate Modern, MTV, Converse and many others.


Art And Design

Eyecatchers: Matthias Brown

As anyone who spends a fair amount of time surfing the interwebs knows, GIF animations are quite a thing.

And while, in my experience, the vast majority of GIFs out there range from the trivial to the annoying, many amounting to nothing more than a short, looped video clip stolen from some movie or TV show, thanks to the always reliable… 166 more words

Fish & Bicycles

Rotoscoping dilema!

So to capture more of a 2d look I was planning to rotoscope the 2 scenes of the boat in wide shot. But it is taking a large amount of my time and my desk is a mess because of it! 142 more words


Hokiery Kool A.D - Youth Experiment Studio

Youth Experimental Studio, a multidisciplinary graphic design firm based in Lima, Peru, roto’s up a fluid and sunny treatment for “Hickory” (Featuring Talib Kweli and Boots Riley) by San Francisco musician/author/artist Kool A.D. 151 more words

Matthias Brown's Mesmerising TraceLoops

Unable to tear ourselves away from Matthias Brown’s vast and growing selection of tracing experiments, we thought we’d invite you to join us instead. 92 more words

Other Bits + Bobs

Alienation & Conformity

Over the past few months I’ve been working on an animated film I made in Tokyo which examines conformity and a fear which I felt when living abroad for the first time, alienation. 233 more words