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*Hello Fresh* Japanese-Style Panko Pork Cutlets

I was starting to feel a little bias towards Hello Fresh for the sheer fact that so far it was all positive and delicious, but they put me in check with this meal! 422 more words


Workshop Day 2

We woke up to find ourselves the owners of Rosybill, a lovely Traditional Norfolk Punt, but with a list of jobs which seems a little daunting. 186 more words


A House Not Home.

The same dusty bookshelf collecting an enormous collection of words strung together,
The same photographs hanging on the old, cracked walls,
The words together forming a melody of its own,
The photographs whispering stories they have woven, 
The old dusty house has not been a home for very long. 123 more words

50 Worst Movies of All Time

(Source: www.msn.com)

By Steven M. Peters


What makes a movie bad? While it’s hard to pinpoint to one particular aspect, many bad movies have several characteristics in common, including poor acting, lazy scriptwriting, and general incompetence on the parts of the filmmakers. 306 more words


Reflections on Rotten's BIG BIRD

Usually, I enjoy watching food documentaries, however this particular series didn’t catch my eye because of the way the information was relayed; But in the show’s defense I only watched two out of the six episodes. 224 more words


Rotten Oranges

The oranges are rotting

The apples have bled

Her heart’s an apocalypse

Of pain-filled feelings undead

~ cierra jayde

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Glutton For Punishment (Part 1): "The Emoji Movie" (2017)

I remember when I first heard of “The Emoji Movie” my mind was blown. Of all things to make a movie about why pick those tiny little pictures you send to people on your phone? 948 more words