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Rotten, ripen

I grew up hating myself

I would lace my blooming body in dirty rags

Slam it into walls to disfigure my ripening bossoms

And drape cloth over curves to hide away my woman-hood. 18 more words


Bad to the Bone #847

A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bones rot. (Proverbs 14:30, ESV)

Physical health is affected by our state of mind. 157 more words

-The Violinist-

She held her violin like a weapon
Against the world and played
Symphonies for sad and rotten
While they laughed and they swayed..

-The Gypsy

Suicide Squad: Let the dust settle - Detective Comics Saturday #9

Suicide Squad is out. The Rotten Tomatoes-score doesn’t look good, the film made a lot of money in its opening weekend, and I’ve written my review of the film. 1,216 more words

Detective Comics Saturday

Rotten Tomatoes doesn't even matter

David Ayer’s highly controversial Suicide Squad has been out for more or less a week. Suffice it to say, the film’s already been at the centre of heated debate on nearly every conceivable front, ranging from its presentation of gender issues, to its production problems, right through to its numerous edits. 1,790 more words


Abusive people

So today my niece got hit by another girl, not for the first time, so I came out and the girl was gone so I told my niece she isn’t allowed to play with this little girl anymore. 168 more words

Music + Books: Rotten by John Lydon

There’s nothing easy about punk music. It’s hard to define what punk even is, especially when the word “punk” has meant everything from “a prostitute” to “a young circus animal.” People argue about punk music’s origins (The Ramones in New York or The Sex Pistols in London?) and who is the best punk band (some say famously that The Clash is… 581 more words