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Rouen In the Rain

I’m having so much fun, y’all!! As we get closer and closer to opening the tattoo studio, I’ve been getting to make paintings to decorate the lobby. 424 more words

Un road-trip sur la côte ouest de la France

Un de mes voyages que je me souviens bien pendant mes etudes en France, ça c’était un road-trip en basse-Normandie.

Je n’ai jamais ecrit un blog de mes voyages en française mais j’ai promis, avant que on est parti, mon ami Arthur que je ecrirai le blog en française. 548 more words


Wilde Video

If anyone is new to this page here is an opening film which is part of a lost story about Alfred Douglas and Oscar Wilde. 67 more words


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The positive response led to the conclusion it is woth a re-blog. To those who have seen this thank for your support and truly inspiring comments. If anyone is new to this page here is an opening film which is part of a lost story about Alfred Douglas and Oscar Wilde.  They meet in Rouen after his release from prison in 1897. All the players are from the north west of England and it was filmed by Lancaster Film Makers' Co-op in 2015.  Students of Lancaster Royal Grammar School play the main parts. Here is the link. For my followers, visuals on Wilde Reflections, my last post, showcasing the work of Mr Fraser and Ms Bryony Rogers will hopefully arrive soon.     [contact-form][contact-field label="Name" type="name" required="1" /][contact-field label="Email" type="email" required="1" /][contact-field label="Website" type="url" /][contact-field label="Comment" type="textarea" required="1" /][/contact-form]

La Gargouille Legend

A French legend tells the story of a fire-breathing dragon named La Gargouille that terrorized the inhabitants of the town of Rouen. It swallowed ships and spouted so much water that it caused flooding. 117 more words


Merci, Simone! [in Strasbourg]

I posted this picture on the ‘Og last June, when I went to Rouen. At the time Simone Veil had just passed away and I wanted to recall her single-handed fight for making abortion legal in France… I received last week an email I first took for a spam, email from a curator of the European Parliament, in Strasbourg (where Simone Veil was for a while a European deputy and its President, its first female President), preparing a permanent exhibit in her memory and wishing to use my picture in the exhibit, to illustrate another perspective on her, away from official and family photographs. 9 more words


Normandy: Rouen, Caen, Bayeux - 2 Jan

2 January

Today was the start of our road trip out to the west coast of France! After we obtained and demolished some unusually pointy (yet delicious) baguettes for a secondary breakfast, we were off on our way. 932 more words