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Maja Wronska, Cathedral (Rouen)

Maja Wronska is a polish artist and civil engineer. I would imagine you would need to be a civil engineer or architect to draw something as perfect as this. 103 more words


The Beaches of Normandy and D-Day

When the Star pulled into Rouen, I went with a small group to see the Normandy Coast and the site of D-Day, the World War II invasion by Allied forces of German-occupied France. 745 more words

Viking Star

Calais to Rouen

Who knew this morning, whilst the rain was misting in from the east and the wind batting me from every direction, that I would be sitting in the sun by the side of a pool by dinnertime. 2,104 more words



Throughout Europe there are plenty of towns with storied pasts that have risen and fallen throughout history; but of all the ones that I’ve experienced, none are quite like Rouen. 791 more words


Fagots and Ficelles

What every garden needs is a fit gardener, and as much as I love gardening, there were a couple of jobs in my garden that needed the brute force and muscles of a guy! 916 more words


Waking up to chocolate - La Pièce Montée

Waking up on a monday morning on the first day back at school after the easter holidays is not something I usually relish, but today there was a little sweetener to help me out of bed. 983 more words


5 reasons to come to Rouen

A year ago, I had to move to Rouen for my studies. I had absolutely no idea where it was. I had heard of Rouen in French History class when I was in Middle School, but at that very moment I had no clue I would love it as much as I love it today. 288 more words