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I don’t know what to type but um, I’m going to type out all that’s been going on in my head/life and see if that helps because I’m, something very wrong is happening. 840 more words


Diary of a Rough Sleeper

It’s the constant beeping which is the worst. Mental torture served up by good old Marks and Spencer. I won’t be buying my pasties from them ever again. 869 more words

Little about me on my first blog

Hello im new to all this blogging so here goes nothing,

My name is Diane.

I’ve had a rough life for so much of my life from the age of 8 things started going wrong when I suffered from burst appendix which I only had 4 and 1/2 hours to live but lucky I had great doctors on my side it took me about 6 months to fully recover before I was back on my feet. 412 more words

Quick Update

Just finished the paper back manuscript for “Four”! It’s been turned in for review and should be up on Amazon within the next 72 hours! 22 more words


change in habits

I am a person who always initiates things, something I’ve been more aware of this past month as I’ve grown. I think this is what has been my downfall and part of the reason things went so terribly for me earlier in the year; I put effort into things/people that don’t really meet me halfway. 322 more words


Marijuana Greenhouse & How To Build

Build Your Own (best) Marijuana Greenhouse To figure out a rough estimate of how many square feet you will need for your marijuana greenhouse, you can calculate the number of mature plants you will have and multiply it by one (1) square yard per mature plant. 29 more words

you are just a slut...

“you are just a slut. you are here to amuse Us. Entertain Us. We want to see you cum..”

The wand was pressed firmly to my clit, well just above it, in that sweet spot so my orgasm could build. 364 more words

Real Experience