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Collector's Choice: Marlene Burns


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Marlene offers an exciting, expressive, experimental and exceptional body of work. She doesn’t like to categorize herself, but like those of the abstract expressionist movement, she plays with color, edgy design and mixed media to produce art that befits the process. 188 more words

Fine Art


I look at your hands

they are rough from years of work

they yearn for a touch

© Lize Bard @ https://wandererhaiku.wordpress.com/

African Haiku

Daily Sketch 160 - walk to the pub

No real story to the two characters, I was inspired by the “Alice through the looking glass” commercial to draw an anthropomorphic rabbit. Starting with that the rest of the drawing essentially drew itself.

Daily Sketch 159 - Seated on her throne

While watching the movie “Blade Trinity” delighting at all the times they needed to cut dialogue out and digitize certain finger gestures. I turn around and saw our cat silhouetted by the evening sun so I quickly grabbed by trusty no 2 mechanical pencil and sketched her, of course I was occasionally sized up by a “what do you think your doing” stare then she would go back to her “sun shine to the back” adoration. 

Daily Sketch 158 - Rough Split leaf

While sitting out in the backyard with Mom and Deborah, I did a quick ink sketch of the Split leaf maple we have out in the backyard.

Daily Sketch 157 - Little Timmy in the well again.

Ever wonder why little Timmy kept ending up trapped in the well and Lassie always knew where he was and how she always seem to get assistants to him in the nick of time…well now you know.


Daily Sketch 156 - Best laid plans of cats & birds

Its an old story leap onto the stool, followed by a dash across the couch, hurdle onto the top of the recliner, rebound off the table lamp, to safely land on the bird cage, your weight sending it down to the floor dinner served. 33 more words