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You've Got Me Wonderin' Why I Like It Rough...

Can’t Sleep With A Man Who Dims My Shine

The second line of the song “I Like It Rough”

It has newer meaning to me now. 164 more words

A&E with my 6yr old!

on my way to work this morning I got a call from my sons school saying he’s been hurt, he hit his head on something, cut his eye open and that I needed to come to the school and take him to A&E. 85 more words

Seducing My Big Brother and the Twins (Taboo, Multiples, Stuffing)

It’s the final book in the steamy, incestuous Seducing My Brothers series!!!

It’s all about to explode!

Big brother Joey is back, but he no longer wants to have anything to do with Marie. 221 more words


Day 99 Rolling

I didn’t run the whole mile. I ran like 80% of it. Hahha we started rolling today. Gosh that was tough

MMA Training

Rough Time.

I ve been having a rough couple of days. The worst I ve had since August – which is when I had a major breakdown. I don t think it will get to that point this time. 65 more words

The road to salvation

The road to salvation
Is not smooth;
It’s full of potholes;
The road to salvation
Is not straight;
It’s full of curves or bends;
The road o salvation… 34 more words

Sketchbook 1

I got a new sketchbook recently- a couple years ago I wrote mostly only in my sketchbook- I’m trying to draw more again- I’m too abstract to focus lately- overshare, overshare, Rome, Wendy- we’re making sense we’re doing alright