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Review: Cadbury Coconut Rough Dairy Milk Chocolate

Today’s review again comes courtesy of our friends over at Cadbury who have re-released their Cadbury Dairy Milk Coconut Rough blocks that were previously available in the late 2000’s.   350 more words



Apparently I shouldn’t predict what I’m going to write..anyway..aftercare.

I’m in the perfect mood for this because after cleaning and going to dance yesterday and then painting this morning…I’m so sore. 734 more words

cheap (draft)

You are mildew walls and rusted chrome taps,

smoke choked floors and broken beds.

A cheap thrills connoisseur,

with expensive taste.


I think that could be classified as rough seas. What do you think?

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this is what America has in store for us if we elect Hillary or Trump.  Doesn’t doesn’t matter.  Rough seas,  God bless.  Unchainthetree.com

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damn these vampires

you turn 28 under a lunar eclipse / on the floor of your new place / the same girl / no furniture yet / only stolen books / lit votive candles / keep the back door open in case i wander in again / the new girl / the one you thought you didn’t need / you don’t / we’re still strangers / no matter which way you spin it / & i’m not sure how you feel / if you even feel at all / the sociopath / the arsonist / the novelist / someone who i still don’t know if i’m supposed to be afraid of / someone who i still don’t know at all / & i like distance / even if it’s only down the street / i like a week apart / healed bruises / no hangovers / no wiping blood off your back porch / i like being able to open my mouth without you pressing my lips to another cup / another bottle / another… 47 more words


FAITH not fear

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. You can’t see the future, yet you know it will come; you can’t see the air, yet you continue to breathe.- Claire London…

137 more words


rough exit strategies

what if right now, today, i bought a 1 way ticket to thailand and packed my shit and slipped out in the night? if i am going to feel lonesome and isolated all the time, why can’t i feel that on the beach? 481 more words