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Guest post from Wendy L. Huston Robinson

I was born in Des Moines, Iowa but only lived there for a few years. My parents had a bug to be elsewhere and for a while, we travelled around.

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The Pie of Destiny

In a world of mass-produced pastry trash, one woman would rise up and fight on behalf of all pie-kind. She alone would have the strength to wield THE PIE OF DESTINY! 464 more words

Medieval Food

Life as a girl guide - Overlanding

I love the outdoors, but can also manage a pair of heels and some make-up without too much complaining. I am definitely not a city girl, but do love spending time in art galleries, quirky shops, browsing decor and eating at character filled hot spot or secret finds. 490 more words


Let's put up some signs!

I find this anti-homeless campaign utterly shameful and a huge waste of resources. Instead of helping families and individuals in extreme poverty, this city is ridiculing each and every homeless person. 18 more words


My First Oatmeal Bath

This is my first submitted post, and it’s really good.  Its been a good 24 hours since I heard this story and I’m still laughing. One of the best I’ve heard in a while. 355 more words


9 Times I Would've Died In 'The Revenant'

The Revenant is a great movie, and also made me think of how many times I would have died in the 1800’s. I wouldn’t have made it anywhere. 1,061 more words