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Nature´s sense of humor

The first real snow hit my city in form of a massive storm. In fact, it was so massive that it blew the white crystals into the parking garage (the ONE PLACE I thought I could hide from mother nature!) and through my 1/4 inch-open-windows. 21 more words


Chicken Dinner a la Microwave

Sometimes being a hobo, as opposed to homeless or transient, can put a person into a place of greater isolation than is typically associated with living on the streets. 336 more words


The Chip Clip Chronicles: tales of close-quartered living and the forth “wall"

I’ve landed in a (quite mansion-esque) house right outside of Boulder, CO and my mind has surprisingly settled in a similar place. Thoughts of grand adventures into foreign lands have subsided and my interest to explore what’s right in front of me has grown. 385 more words


Arizona: Land of Many Canyons

Like the tagline for the state park signs that I’ve seen quite a few of lately: “Such-and-such a State Park: Land of Many Uses.”

Some (not all) highlights from the past week: 749 more words

R.K. On The Road

Bring it on home

Six days. The number of days left before we move into our new “home.” Oh boy. So, we’re not exactly ready; we still have leaky pipes and we don’t have a solid plan for heat yet. 952 more words

Building A Home

OutsideCon 28

Just Got Home from OutsideCon, which was incredible as always.  If you happen to be even remotely near Nashville the weekend *after* Labor Day, it’s something to consider.   332 more words


Good Morning Officer...

Ok, it wasn´t really morning when my sleep was interrupted by the harsh sound of a flashlight against my driver window. Last night at 2:36 am, I rolled down my window and spoke to who I thought would be the first cop making my life miserable. 298 more words