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Bring it on home

Six days. The number of days left before we move into our new “home.” Oh boy. So, we’re not exactly ready; we still have leaky pipes and we don’t have a solid plan for heat yet. 952 more words

Building A Home

OutsideCon 28

Just Got Home from OutsideCon, which was incredible as always.  If you happen to be even remotely near Nashville the weekend *after* Labor Day, it’s something to consider.   332 more words


Good Morning Officer...

Ok, it wasn´t really morning when my sleep was interrupted by the harsh sound of a flashlight against my driver window. Last night at 2:36 am, I rolled down my window and spoke to who I thought would be the first cop making my life miserable. 298 more words


8 Life-Changing Things You Learn Your First Time Backpacking

I could write a massive list on all the things I learnt when I first went backpacking but I had to pick just 8!  It is an amazing experience to have and you will never regret doing it. 855 more words

It's Not Exactly Alaska...

What’s the name of the movie where the young man decides to rough it alone in Alaska. He makes his way thru raging rivers and manages quite well until he makes a serious mistake, low on food, he eats the wrong type of plant and dies? 173 more words

This Too Will Pass

Frozen chili, nosy birds, and sleeping on pine cones

My parents and I went “for real” camping last week. I’d been wanting to go for ages, but it never seemed to work out. So we got the opportunity and jumped in Dad’s old HHR and headed for the mountains with our tents, our camping chairs, the coffee pot, and other odd and assorted camping supplies. 370 more words


Huckleberry Finn

Hey Kids,

I make no bones about it, I enjoy Mark Twain.

I haven’t read every piece he ever wrote, but I have a lifetime to get them all done, but suffice to say that those I have read, I enjoy. 297 more words