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Inspired by Adventure: Satirist Mark Twain's International Travel, the Family Home & a "Cat in a Ruff"

The weather, the day itself, hollered “Welcome to New England!!” If you closed your eyes, and let your mind settle, the nearby city sounds and the bustle of a college campus were drowned out by the crunchy rustling of fallen leaves. 1,771 more words


The Great Indoors

Luckily, we weren’t a camping family. Mom camped with my grandparents and uncle, when she was young, which I so wish I could have seen. Today, she is…let’s say…very indoorsy. 126 more words

Daily Prompt

Donald Trump, Brigham Young, and the meaning of a contract.

That Donald Trump is a “shrewd businessman” – I can put it no more charitably than that – is no secret. He himself has said that he takes pleasure in reneging on contracts if, according to him, work is poor, or not up to snuff, or late. 916 more words

Social Folly

Camping and Tents

Camping. The world’s most confusing hobby.

It makes about as much sense as fertilizing a lawn that you have to mow twice a week. Humans have spent hundreds of thousands of years solving the challenges of nature. 1,264 more words


Vertigo! And other U2 references. Maybe.

Jack: Oh, you see that shot they just did? It’s called a vertigo shot because they zoom out as they move in closer. It makes it look weird. 142 more words

Mark Twain admits to setting a wildland fire at Lake Tahoe

When young Samuel Clemens first came to the Nevada Territory in 1861, he thought he would be given an easy office job assisting his brother, Orion, who had been named by President Lincoln to be the first and only Territorial Secretary for Nevada. 914 more words


Camping Pt.2: Family

Yesterday I wrote about a couple of my previous experiences camping as a young adult. As fun and memorable as those camping trips are, those days needed to remain in my past. 765 more words