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roughing it

thin whistle
of white-throated sparrow
hangs in mid-air

The first I’ve heard this December. A sign of cold weather ahead? I’m never sure how to interpret this one-of-a-kind winter song. 153 more words




People without the camping affliction often ask, “when you have a comfy bed, indoor plumbing, television, and the internet at home, why would you want to go sleep on the ground with the bugs?” 443 more words


Home, away from home

This was our home for the last two nights. No hydro, no running water, a 1/2 klick hike back to the car. Leaving behind the internet, phones, radio, all of civilizations’ ‘advantages’ was delightful. 6 more words

Friday favorites: 5 things about Irma

favorites? i dunno about that. it has been a rough week here in Atlanta. not to say my first world problems are anything in comparison to the people who really experienced the brunt of this hurricane in Florida (including one set of parents and several college friends) or Harvey in Texas.   1,157 more words


The Cant Opener

The loneliest place in the world… when you start to make a fresh batch of five can soup and the can opener breaks. Mother of all things righteous, why have you left me defenseless against fate? 346 more words


The Best a Man Can Get

I’m almost afraid to admit this, living in such an outdoorsy region as we do. But here goes: I have never shaved in the woods. 792 more words

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Rugged individualism is as American as it gets. John Wayne was probably viewed as the epitome of this concept—that each person should be responsible for their own life, that people do not need and should not accept help from any government. 2,697 more words

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