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6 Essentials Missing From Hostels That Anger All Travelers

Hostel life is great, there is no doubt about that. It is an entertaining, social, and economical way to go about traveling which many people enjoy. 849 more words

Summer Weekend Adventures

Though I meant to write this post yesterday, I was still having a good time with going to see Antman and such, so it had to wait. 880 more words

Just Because I Feel Like It


Last week saw me go to Buddhafield, think Glasto meets spiritualism. Here you will find Buddhists from all parts of the spectrum and country. There are free workshops to attend and paid for services such as massages, readings and “healing” with things that don’t naturally spring to mind as “healing”. 696 more words

Social Enterprise

Sometimes It Helps to Wine

I think it is very important for everyone to understand that traveling and going on vacation are two completely separate things. You go on vacation to relax, you travel to experience. 753 more words



Mexico – All Inclusive! – party – beaches – tequila – teeny bikinis – bad hangovers – cartel…

Cancun has a certain stereotype which it seems happy to fit into, but if partying all night and getting sun poisoning on the beach all day aren’t to your tastes, there’s another side to this ultimate Spring Break destination that’s much more laid back and all around better. 1,092 more words

6 Surprising Things You Learn About Yourself At A Music Festival

I attended my first music festival this past weekend. I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I thought I’d see a few shows, have a couple drinks, probably get a contact high if I ended up at the Sublime concert – but what I wasn’t prepared for was the bevy of life lessons Firefly threw my way in 3 days. 1,075 more words

Wednesday Night Kitchen Raid: Easy Pasta Salad (Bonus Content: Camping!)

Hello again! It’s been a long four days and I missed you all terribly. You’ve all become my second family and I’m excited to show you pictures from my camping trip. 628 more words