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Beginning the New Year with your Family

January is a great time to help children review routines and focus on the brand new year ahead. It is common, after winter break and less structured environment during vacation, to notice that it is harder to get going and return to the family’s daily rhythm. 300 more words


The New Year: Reflecting and Refreshing in the Classroom

The start of a new calendar year is a great time to help students reflect on renewal and hopes for the future. Many teachers find that routines that were quite polished in December seem to need a bit of refreshing in January, as well. 304 more words


Non static method in Talend routines

All System routines are read only and has static methods that is why we are able to call all system methods with the class_name.method_name({arg},{arg2},…)

But to leverage full power of java in Talend platform we must know how to create routines with non static methods and how to create objects to call non static methods within Talend routines and in Job design. 262 more words

Talend Routines

Skincare Routine For Winter | Dark Palette Girl

I really love both of these products and I must say that I have repurchased them already. I don’t really like buying one product for several times, but these have been my favourites of skincare. 92 more words


The Power of Routines - Part 1

It’s been about 2 months since I had my last day of school and even though it’s amazing to not have to get up at a set time, make my way to school and live along the time agendas someone else created for me, it is, at the same time incredibly difficult to keep some sort of structure in my day. 532 more words

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December Without the “Dizzy” for Educators

There is a lot of excitement in December. Staying focused can be a challenge for us and for our students during this stressful season. With the anticipation of upcoming celebrations, and the needed break from school, the adults are often in countdown mode. 242 more words


Establishing Routines by @bryngoodman

Name: Bryn Goodman
Twitter name: @bryngoodman
Sector: Primary
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Teacher
What is your advice about? Establishing routines

1: Decide before the start of the year which routines you want to have in place to help your classroom run smoothly. 44 more words