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More ROV updates!

The ROV is functioning properly with the controls and the only thing missing now is a few minor details and cameras. I can’t wait until it’s ready to get in the water, we are nearing that goal soon. 55 more words


This newly discovered jellyfish looks like a yo-yo spider stuffed with light bulbs

(Source: www.techinsider.io)

If I ever worried that I’d run out of weird and wonderful new life to blog about, that fear has long been laid to rest. 389 more words


The ROV is complete!

My last post on this can be found here.

A little background, myself and a few other guys from my school’s IEEE chapter, took on a challenge for MATE to design an underwater vehicle capable of completing tasks listed in the competition. 618 more words


Working the Tech Pipeline: Re-engineering Engineering Education in Hong Kong

Does Hong Kong’s education system, dominated by exams and academia, equip its students to become the best engineers? A team of engineering students in Hong Kong challenges the status quo by pursuing a practical learning approach. 127 more words

I'm Here For The Serious Stuff

Marine Advanced Technology Education Remote Operated Vehicle

This is a project I participated in for IEEE at my school. I designed the manipulator segment of the vehicle. It is a four bar linkage driven by a lead screw and a gimbal motor. 40 more words


Subsea thruster, submersible DC motor and actuator range set to expand.

With the successful launch of the MT30 subsea ROV thruster from maxon motor, the drive specialist is expanding the range of ROV thruster sizes and submersible motors with pressure compensation vessels. 232 more words

DC Servo Motor