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maxon DC motors exploring ocean depths up to 6,000m.

An ROV fitted with maxon DC motors found the largest submarine built in WWII, lying 190 metres below the ocean. The DC motors and drives have the ability to reach depths up to 6,000m. 177 more words

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Highlights From Robotic Shipwreck Exploration

OpenROV shared the results of their June 2016 underwater expedition to locate and robotically explore the wreck of the S.S. Tahoe, currently sitting at a depth of 150m in Lake Tahoe. 184 more words

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6/29/16 A Trip to TX, part 2

By this time, we were well on our way to eating ourselves through Texas. There were a number of restaurants near the hotel, or a short drive away, and we decided we’d get stuff to eat that we wouldn’t normally get at home. 501 more words

6/28/16 A Trip to Texas, part 1

Hi, this is Liz. Before I begin, I’d like to thank everyone for hanging in there while we took a week off for Jamie to compete in the MATE International Robotics competition. 916 more words

The ROV ISIS: Turning on the lights in the Deep Sea

If you’ve been following the Deep Links website and Twitter feed then you must have stumbled upon many deep-sea pictures and videos, including the Sea Pen versus ROV video… 783 more words

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The Deep Sea: Strange but not completely unpredictable

The seafloor can be so rich and diverse in animals and habitats that it has often been compared to tropical rainforests but, conversely, the seafloor can be so lacking in larger more visible animals that it has also been likened to deserts (Snelgrove and Grassle, 1995). 696 more words

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Human Activities in the Deep Sea

For thousands of years humans have been travelling the world’s oceans and using their resources. These days, activities in the deep sea include oil and gas extraction, shipping, fishing and exploratory work for seabed mining. 1,021 more words

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