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Does Majority Rule Apply Outside of Halachic Issues?

In the past (here and here) we have discussed the machloket between the Shach and Bach (both in the Kelalei Psak of the Shach- Yoreh Deah 242) whether the rule acharei rabim lehatot applies only to cases of Beit Din or to all cases of pesak. 352 more words


Researchers map two shipwrecked steamboats with sonar beneath frozen Reeds Lake

EAST GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Andy Poisson had a gleam in his eye, looking at his family’s history discovered on a sonar screen in a tent Friday morning on Reeds Lake, huddled inside with a negative-degree wind chill. 394 more words


Yamaha jualan roda empat..?

Yamaha yang di mindset TB adalah produsen kendaraan roda dua, ternyata juga memiliki kendaraan dengan roda empat. Walau pun baru dijual di Amerika Utara, ini bisa jadi sebagai awal untuk lanjut serius terjun juga ke segmen roda empat :-D… 88 more words


Just came back from a short discussion on ROV research. It was awesome.

So I just came back from a short discussion with Dr Fadzil Akhir. We are planning to revive a 5 year old ROV with some new sensors, something to do with a low-cost position estimation system. 23 more words