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Robot vs. Seapen!

On a recent dive at Anton Dohrn Seamount, our ROV (remotely operated vehicle) met its match! One large remotely operated vehicle, versus a tiny little deep-sea sea pen! 209 more words

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ROVs controlled from your smartphone.

An ROV that takes live video and underwater pictures and streams them directly to your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The brainchild of Aquabotix Technology Corporation, the HydroView ROV was designed with user friendly functionality for widespread accessibility. 205 more words

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Anton Dohrn Seamount – One of the UK’s tallest mountains!

At over 1500 m tall, Anton Dohrn Seamount is one of the UK’s highest mountains (taller than Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scafell Pike!), yet its summit lies 600 m below sea level in the North East Atlantic! 498 more words

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Subsea ROV has 6 degrees of Freedom + Autopilot

This is what happens when you give Norwegian engineering students half a year to develop an ROV for their class.

The team utilized 3D printing to design and print their own thruster propellers and ducts for the ROV. 151 more words

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WHOI s...LOSt at sea?

Below us, check!…wait!!  Yes, we are departing from the usual “what’s above us” theme for a look into what’s down low.

Even Alex Trebek knows this fun fact: WHOI (hoo-ee), a private, non profit research and higher education facility, named for it’s location in Woods Hole, Massachussetts developed a research vehicle to explore the Challenger Deep. 95 more words

More ROV updates!

The ROV is functioning properly with the controls and the only thing missing now is a few minor details and cameras. I can’t wait until it’s ready to get in the water, we are nearing that goal soon. 55 more words