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Week 7 - Camera Mount Servos

The main purpose of the ROV is to survey infrastructure underwater. In order to accomplish this we are using a camera mounted on the top. In order to make the camera more functional we wanted it to have the ability to move allowing for a larger view while staying stationary. 35 more words


Week 6 - Chassis design and breakdown

When designing the chassis, there were four main constraints;

  • The first was that the design could be manufactured without many long winded and expensive processes…
  • 188 more words

2016 Master Plan for Marine Protected Areas Now Available

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is pleased to announce the 2016 Master Plan for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) is now available on CDFW’s… 59 more words


Interview: Saab Seaeye to Further Advance Technology in Industry

This article is fully available at the following address

Saab Seaeye manufactures electric powered remotely operated vehicle (ROV) systems for a wide range of professional applications. 1,103 more words

Transmission and Sensors - Week 4

This week we focused on finding the best way to transmit data/communicate between the ROV and the team stationed on the dock. We also looked at what we think would be the most important sensors to use within our ROV. 171 more words


Motors, Propellers and Gearing - Week 3

This week the main focus of our research was the movement of the ROV. We have decided to use DC Brushless Motors as they a water resistant so will work fine in the required environment. 198 more words


CAD and Electronics - Week 2

This week we came up with our first draft for our CAD design.

This is shown above. We have 4 holes made for vertical fan slots allowing the ROV to move up and down. 94 more words