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Local Fiber 

When we moved out to Whidbey Island, we quickly discovered it is somewhat of a fiber haven. There are quite a few sheep and alpaca farmers on the island, and there’s even a fiber mill here on the south end. 155 more words

Virtual Tour Guide: Pearl of Asia

Friends planning a trip to Phnom Penh often ask me, “What’s there to see or do there?” To which I usually end up making a long list of places I think they would enjoy. 2,877 more words


Fiber tool investment! *I really shouldn't post at night, many edits*

Ok, I’m super stoked. I’m more than that, I’m down right silly excited right now. To explain why, I have to rewind a few days. Wednesday, was a miserable, terrible, horrible, everything that could go wrong quite possibly did go wrong day. 400 more words

There is a High Price to Living By the Roads

There is a High Price to Living By the Roads

8:28 Resistance to motion sickness nearly exhausted, I feel like I should apologize ahead of time to the girl next to me in case I have to make a dash for the door. 1,208 more words

Living In Norway

Tadaa: My first yarn!

Hello Everyone!

In November I got a Louet S10 spinning wheel for my birthday. It needed some “quick” repairs to get it functioning but I had wanted a wheel for ages (I thought it would suit me better than a spindle) and was very glad to get my hands on this one. 394 more words


Old knitting dog learns new trick

I have a few skills I’d say I’ve mastered.  Knitting is one of them.  I’m no Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, but who is?  There’s a difference between a knitting master and a jedi-knit-knight.   593 more words