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I finished the year sick. Halfway through November I came down with Bronchitis. Mid December, still recovering from Bronchitis, I went to orientation at UCCS… 416 more words


The Prima Donna in Me

I logged in to the public library’s computer today to get some words in. I’ve never tried that before… I’ve brought my laptop with me, or written by hand, but never used their computer. 997 more words


Volunteer Work

I’m applying to the local fabric store as seasonal help to get us through the next few months and, hopefully, to have some money for Christmas. 361 more words


I Swear I Had it All Together at One Point

The best laid plans sometimes go to hell in a handbasket for good reasons.

Someday I will look back at 2016-2019 as “the transition years” but at the moment it’s just damned inconvenient. 288 more words


Getting It All Out

As I grow as an author, I struggle with the difference between bad habits and personal idiosyncrasies. I’ve read the chastising advice that a professional writer should be able to work in spite of distractions, interruptions, and other impediments. 709 more words


The Future

It frustrates me to look back on my posts for the last year and a half and see the repeated theme of “…this is a transition time…I’m not where I want to be…it will get better soon…” When we moved from Vermont to Colorado, I knew there would be a chunk of time when my writing had to take a back seat to the logistics of relocation. 343 more words