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#ROW80 Update and #WIPpet Wednesday - "I screwed up"

Arrrrgh! I had an awesome ROW80 post that I had typed up on my breaks at work today, and then I just opened the email where I thought I had emailed it to myself, and there was nothing there! 862 more words


#WIPpet Wednesday and#ROW80 Update: Drastic Measures

I’m unexpectedly at home today, after falling off my bike halfway to work. I think I’m okay, though I have two rather large bruises on my right thigh. 713 more words


Pretty poor round up:(

It hasn’t been a good week of writing or editing,as I have been a bit poorly.

I have been polishing up a whole new set of schedules for 2015. 327 more words


#ROW80 Update - the part where I have a little bit of a freak out

I’m going to skip WIPpet Wednesday this week, for reasons I’ll get onto in a minute, but you should totally go and check out the… 397 more words


machines, orange hair and scary monday

It is interesting when stuff goes wrong on the computer and cyberspace.

This week has been interesting.

Ignore the old curse ‘may you live in interesting times’, nothing major happened. 752 more words


#WIPpet Wednesday and #ROW80 Update:

I have to admit, I’ve been rather lax with my participation in ROW80 this round. And that keeps happening. But now that my holidays are officially over and I’m into more of a routine, I’ll be able to really make a crack at it. 815 more words


Brainstorming, reading. Writing?

A trifle behind this week as had friend from forever/editor staying at beginning, although we managed to keep away from writing until the end some useful brainstorming was managed. 369 more words