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#WIPpet Wednesday April 8

I’ve managed to be pretty productive in the last week! Hurray! I perhaps should have done a bit more studying over my time off, but I decided to enjoy the time instead. 1,048 more words


#ROW80 Round 1 Final Update

My goodness, it’s the end of Round 1 already. That certainly snuck up on me. In fact, most dates seem to sneak up on me these days. 705 more words


Parcels, texture and editing

Have had a good week for receiving parcels – I do like a parcel:) I have been on e-bay buying more plants for Year Two of reconstructing my garden from labour intensive edible to less work wilderness er no wild garden:)The clement weather I was hoping for has come and gone so nothing has been planted yet but, they are smashing plants – I do like e-bay – my entire garden for 15 years has come from this place and hardly a dud amongst them. 737 more words

Reading And Writing

#ROW80 - Don't mind me, just having a bit of a crisis

My friends, I need you to indulge me for a bit. Long-time readers of this blog will know that every now and then I have a bit of a crisis with my writing, and then I do some actual writing and it stops. 675 more words


#WIPpet Wednesday - "Make no mistake" + #ROW80 Update

I’m going to start my post with WIPpet Wednesday, so that those who are only visiting for that don’t have to scroll through all my lists in my ROW80 update. 799 more words


#ROW80 Update and #WIPpet Wednesday - "I screwed up"

Arrrrgh! I had an awesome ROW80 post that I had typed up on my breaks at work today, and then I just opened the email where I thought I had emailed it to myself, and there was nothing there! 862 more words


#WIPpet Wednesday and#ROW80 Update: Drastic Measures

I’m unexpectedly at home today, after falling off my bike halfway to work. I think I’m okay, though I have two rather large bruises on my right thigh. 713 more words