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ROW80 Check-In - 3.6: Week In Review

Here’s my week in review…

Write 7000 words each week.  2000/7000.  Last week I finished the prequel novella I’ve been working on since early July.  The first two chapters will be posting to my blog this week.   346 more words


ROW80 Check-In - 3.5: Turn It Off

I struggle to turn off my mind, and I know I’m not alone in this.  Thus, today’s image is a reminder for me and for you.  386 more words


ROW80 Check-In - 3.4: Bubbles

Bubble baths and bubbly.  If you’ve had a peek at my About Me page or know me IRL, you know that these are two of my favorite things. 745 more words


Very Simple Round Three Goals

It’s hard to believe that my last post was in early June. This summer has turned out to be a hectic one, and I’ve struggled to fit both writing and blogging into that. 242 more words

Denise D. Young

ROW80 Check-In - 3.4: The Power of Music

I have had music on the brain for the past few days.  There are certain songs that I could hear right this minute and point to a particular time in my life (I listened to the… 736 more words


ROW80 Check-In - 3.3: No Signal

Let’s spend a minute thinking about this boat on the water, with no people, no land, and perhaps most importantly, no cell tower in sight. What would it be like to be on that boat for just a few hours on a Sunday afternoon? 520 more words


ROW80 Check-In - 3.2: The Road

My “writer’s work” is done for the week. I spent a lot of my writing time during the week in “think” mode instead of “write” mode, and that’s just fine.  617 more words