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#ROW80 Check-in: A terrible influence, and #MirthMusicMon - More Gilbert and Sullivan

So at the end of November last year, there were a group of NaNoWriMo participants in my region, me included, who decided to continue meeting up every so often and writing together. 696 more words


#ROW80 Checkin and #MirthMusicMon: "Home sweet home... it's crap."

Before I go into anything else, a friend of mine would be very grateful to anyone who has a spare half an hour or so and would be able to fill out… 594 more words


Job Interview Aftermath, #WIPpet Wednesday, #ROW80 Check-in and a Question

First of all, thank you for all your good wishes for my job interview today. It went… okay, I guess, but it was the first time I’ve been interviewed for a job at this level (despite acting in a very similar position before), so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect and despite preparing as best I could, a couple of the questions still caught me a bit off guard. 830 more words


#MirthMusicMon - The Galaxy Song, and #ROW80 Check-in: Primarily Progress

I’m going to do Mirth and Music Monday first this week, because I can!  I went to see Professor Brian Cox’s live show on Saturday night, and he was awesome! 525 more words


#ROW80 Update: Ch-ch-ch-changes and #WIPpet Wednesday - A new history for some characters

ReGi McClain, if no one else, will be pleased to hear that I’ve been working on my outline for Operation: Sugarplum again, finally. In light of having read the full original text of… 767 more words


#ROW80: Some Goal Revising and #MusicMirthMon: That is the question

You guys, today is exactly three months until I go on my big trip to the UK and Europe! Eeeee!

Anyway, I’m back to it after my lovely, refreshing non-writing week. 341 more words


#WIPPet Wednesday and #ROW80 Update

This was a good week to have a break from writing. It was announced that Peter Capaldi will be taking over the role of the Doctor on Doctor Who, and now everything is the 12th Doctor and nothing hurts. 773 more words