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RoW80 2017 Round 1 Wrap-Up

Today is the official end of the first round of RoW80 for this year. So, even though I did a check-in post yesterday, I have my wrap up of the round’s goals today. 473 more words


Being Different - ROW80 Update

I decided to mix things up a bit, and do two separate posts for my goals update and my WIPpet. If you hate this and want me to put them together, I will, but otherwise, I like that this format keeps the posts uncluttered. 370 more words


It's Done!

2017 #ROW80 Round 1: Check-In #22

The first round of #Row80 for 2017 is done. Now it’s time to see how productive I was. For starters, I’m writing this post at ten pm. 233 more words


Writing Wednesday: Still Smoking

I definitely think I like my new way of getting things done. I’m working on my writing goals for the first half of each hour. And during the second half, I’ll work through the other things on my list. 1,501 more words


Round 1 2017: The End

Those two words are some of the most powerful a writer can use… The End. Sounds pretty intense, hm?

And well they should.¬† This is the final day of the first Round of Words in 80 Days of 2017, and I don’t know about you all, but I feel like I need at least one or two more of these little darlings before things are working the way I’d like them too. 135 more words


Three Month Goal Final

We are at the end of Round 1 in #Row80 . It’s also 3 months into the year. Time to see how successful I was before I take a week to reevaluate my goals and schedule. 215 more words

Online Groups

Gearing up for Round 2 - ROW80 Check In

My my weeks fly by so quickly these days. Is this what getter older feels like? I remember when weeks used to drag on, and now it seems I can barely register what day is it before the next one comes along! 596 more words