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Horror is the mind speaking not from desire but fearful necessity.

There are a thousand, million variations on the theme; but from within all modes rises a universal cry: “It is too much.” 741 more words

Make-it Monday - October Plans

It’s a new month, so some goal tweaking and other changes are in store.

1. Reducing Facebook use: The app has been sucking up too much of my time, so I’ve disabled it on my phone. 157 more words


On A Jetplane

This is… was going to be my ROW80 goal post.  Thing is…  I don’t really have any goals in mind special for Round 4.  There are, of course, the usual suspects: finish the Swan Song series, maintain the Row80 blog (though not for a few weeks…  … 319 more words


It's THAT Goals Post -- Round 4


It’s a little thing we do here at the ROW80 a few times a year (well, four to be exact).

Are you ready to post yours? 121 more words


Round 3 Week 11 Wednesday

Oops!  I missed again here today.  Have been trying to reset my sleep schedule for England and had to go to Lowes for cabinetry today, and well…  just plum forgot about online stuff.  38 more words


Round 3 Week 10 Sunday

Oops!  Dropped the ball this time….  Distracted as usual.  You too?  It is a busy time of time of the year for a lot of us.  29 more words


Round 3 Week 10 Wednesday

Happy Wednesday… hope you all are feeling energized with progress and creativity today.  Let us know in the comments, good or ill (hopefully good, of course, but even if not, we’d like to know so we can be here for you). 6 more words