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Writing Wednesday: Coming Back

I was sick over the weekend, but feeling a lot better now. And thankful I don’t get sick like that very often(it’s been a few years). 885 more words


Round 1 Week 12 Wednesday


Well, this week hasn’t quite gone the way we’d all hoped.  Sorry about that. I didn’t get to check over all the blogs for people’s posts, and I didn’t post the “Goals Post” for the upcoming Round 2 on Monday as I’d planned. 57 more words


Sunday Summary: Off Weekend

So, the offness started Wednesday night when the boy got sick. He seemed to be okay Thursday morning, so I sent him off to school. And we went and got our taxes done(and we’re getting more back than last year. 1,032 more words


Round 1 Week 11 Sunday

Not much news for tonight.  Tomorrow I’ll be posting the “Goals Post” for our upcoming Round 2.  Hope to see you all posting soon-ish there (goals posts stay open for several weeks, so feel free to drop in as you need to update your plans). 21 more words


Writing Wednesday: Timing Out

Yeah, the time change officially caught up with me this morning. I did okay the last couple days. This morning I woke up, glanced at my phone, blinked and double-checked the time. 787 more words


Round 1 Week 11 Wednesday




a week and a half to go!  Do you feel it too?

If you haven’t started looking over your progress this round, you may want to start.  199 more words


Round 1 Week 10 Sunday

As we come closer and closer to the end of this round of words, it’s easy to feel somewhat overwhelmed, and maybe a little frustrated (hope not!) with one’s progress.  179 more words