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Professors & Students Weigh In: What's Really Good on the Tube?

This time around, I wanted to hit the street and see what people are really into watching. I figured I would give my loyal readers a break from my own opinion, and share some TV insights from students and a professor at Rowan, and also a professor from my first school, 516 more words

Rowan University Gives Back to Glassboro Community

Hi All! ⊗

On Sunday, April 17, 2016, Rowan University hosted “Back to the Boro”, their annual community service event. About 1,3000 students volunteered in the event organized by the Student Government Association. 560 more words


Goodbye For Now, Not Forever

This is goodbye for now, not forever. This blog was for the purpose of my Online Journalism 1 class. I had to create the blog to pass the class in order to be one step closer to getting my Journalism degree, which is my second major. 307 more words

Rowan University Millennial And Family Are Anti-ObamaCare

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With the current events occurring in the presidential primary, I decided to take a step back from the candidates and focus on an issue that will be impacted by whoever becomes elected. 477 more words

Rowan University Staff and Students on Identity.

Gary Guiteau, Social Justice, Inclusion, and Conflict Resolution Initiatives Director , a picture taken from his Facebook that he wanted to be used.

Kailee Whiting, PRISM President, a picture from her Facebook that she wanted to be used. 769 more words

Farewell, for now...

Dear followers,

As the spring semester comes to a close, so will my blog posts… at least for now.

I hope to return to blogging as soon as I have enjoyed a little bit of my summer. 223 more words

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"Learning to Fly" artist Tom Reed leaves a mark on Rowan's campus

When Rowan University recently purchased a $925,000 off-campus mansion for its president, administration expected a backlash: be it articles in the local newspapers or some outcry from students, some public feedback was expected for this sort of decision. 627 more words

Learning To Fly