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Tony Bennett Will Leave His Heart In South Jersey ... For One Night Only

GLASSBORO, NJ (CBS) — One of America’s classic crooners makes his way to, of all places, Glassboro, Saturday night for a one night only performance. 150 more words


Audio interview with Rowan men's basketball head coach Joe Crispin

This is the edited, one minute version of the interview.

For the full interview, listen here.

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Easy fix to long sentence: Break it into two

Sometimes the content of a long sentence is necessary to a story. However, the lengthiness of the sentence might be a problem. In that case, break the sentence into two. 28 more words

Copy Editing

Shirt sleeve vs. shirt-sleeve

When using “shirt sleeve” or “shirt sleeves” as a noun, no hyphen is required. When using it as an adjective, a hyphen is required. “Shirt-sleeves” used as an adjective describes a relaxed approach to something, usually related to business. 25 more words

Copy Editing

Check with the reporter

When copy editing a story that a reporter wrote, you should check with the reporter if you have any questions. For example, if you’re not sure a statement is accurate, ask the reporter to confirm it. 40 more words

Copy Editing

Double check the food

When it comes to food, make sure that each dish or ingredient mentioned in a story is spelled correctly. Mistakes such as these are easy to make but also easy to correct. 28 more words

Copy Editing

Keep it neutral

When reporting and writing news, it is important not to show any bias toward a viewpoint. As a copy editor, look out for this and remove it if it’s present.

– Nick Fiorentino

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