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Weekender: May 6, 2017

Weekender: 05/06/2017

Welcome to the weekend! Each week, we like to offer a few quick highlights from our week that we think will give you something worthwhile to think about over the weekend. 317 more words

The Weekender

On Shame

I met with a student of mine a few days ago who talked to me about shame. She lamented that much of her faith history was in communities that (as she experienced it) emphasized shame. 416 more words

Christian Life

After Virtue - A New Benedict (Pt.3)

My experience of Dreher’s BenOp is that he trying to posit a response to a dystopia as he sees America today. This dystopia is brought about by liberalism, which is rooted in the Enlightenment (1620 – 1789, depending on who you read). 870 more words

God is with the Victim

The victim as ‘pure’ victim is more than victim: when God receives and approves the condemned Jesus and returns him to his judges through the preaching of the Church, he transcends the world of oppressor-oppressed relations to create a new humanity, capable of other kinds of relation — between human beings, and between humanity and the Father.   438 more words

Rowan Williams

Easter Sunday Sermon for 2017 (Year A)

It seems to me we it would be good to find our own personal answers to two questions about Easter. The first one is that perennial question – do we believe that Jesus was resurrected so that in some sense he has continued to live? 1,819 more words

Progressive Sermons

Gethsemane by Rowan Williams

Who said that trees grow easily
compared with us? What if the bright
bare load that pushes down on them
insisted that they spread and bowed… 910 more words