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When they needed a neighbour

I’m proud today to have had a part in the letter from many leaders of many faiths, encouraging the government to adopt a more generous and inclusive policy towards those who seek asylum in this country. 589 more words

Poverty And Justice

English eccentric

God is No Thing: Coherent Christianity, Rupert Shortt, Hurst Publishers.

There is a strain of English Christianity that sees faith as entirely reasonable and sensible, like packing an umbrella when the weather looks inclement. 289 more words

Yonder and yonderer

  • The bump that launched a thousand papers was just a statistical anomaly, says CERN. The world of fundamental physics research may well be finding itself in the…
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'All you ever talk about is clothes and ritual' | A response.

‘That’s not what religion is about’ – ‘It’s about faith and not all this ceremony’ – ‘All you talk about is clothes and ritual’

These are all sayings of my (previously Methodist) grandpa who has returned to Church in my “high” Church parish and who, by his own…

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Free Speech

Free Speech – Ten Principles for a Connected World
By Timothy Garton Ash
Atlantic Books – £20.00

In ‘Post-Gutenberg,’ the very outset of Free Speech – Ten Principles for a Connected Free World… 732 more words

Current Affairs

Language, reality, and the between

The scandal of poetry is that it supplies a model for the process of reality– nothing more (model) nothing less (reality).

The scandal arises in the context of Plato’s double contribution to poetics: the attack on poets in… 380 more words


Service of Norwich Cathedral

Normally, it is calm atmosphere.In my think, a distinctive feature of anglican service is open holy communion and warmly welcome. Praising unfamiliar song is difficult for me but it is interest that facing a book of Rowan Williams and Tom Wright.