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Sri Lanka - birdwatching and contemplative awareness #mindful

Contemplative awareness and prayer is like being a birdwatchers says Roman Williams (and many others). You watch patiently and then ‘something extraordinary bursts into view.’ ((Being Disciples, chapter One) 224 more words


Getting into a muddle about sex: lifelong virginity and the Louden amendment

For various reasons, I’ve been going through some of the papers I kept from my stint on General Synod; eight complicated years which included the Higton debate, the AIDS debate, and the various stages of the legislation to permit women deacons and women priests. 989 more words

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The Sign and the Sacrifice by: Rowan Williams

The Sign and the Sacrifice by Rowan Williams
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There is our theological starting point. Believing in the resurrection is believing that the new age has been inaugurated, the new world has begun. 249 more words


June 14 in history

1158 – Munich was founded by Henry the Lion on the banks of the river Isar.

1216 – First Barons’ War: Prince Louis of France… 852 more words


Why I Took Jacob to a Wedding

I brought Jacob to a wedding last weekend. You know, Jacob the biblical heel-grabber, trickster, tent-dwelling, mama’s boy? Not usually thought of as a model for 21st century marriage ceremonies. 688 more words


Rowan Williams - On The Benedict Option: a new monasticism for the 21st century

Source: The Benedict Option: a new monasticism for the 21st century

Finally a serious analysis of Dreher’s book on the so-called ‘Benedict option’, in fact, in my opinion, a fatalistic, and possibly extremely damaging, call for withdrawal of committed Christians from social involvement, after the continuous series of defeats they have registered in the foolish ‘cultural wars’ they have fought as they tried to revive of ‘gloriously’ defunct Christendom. 249 more words

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Weekender: May 6, 2017

Weekender: 05/06/2017

Welcome to the weekend! Each week, we like to offer a few quick highlights from our week that we think will give you something worthwhile to think about over the weekend. 317 more words

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