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Letter of support for Greece

Letter of support for Greece

Over the past five years, the EU and the IMF have imposed unprecedented austerity on Greece. It has failed badly. The economy has shrunk by 26%, unemployment has risen to 27%, youth unemployment to 60% and, the debt-to-GDP ratio jumped from 120% to 180%. 246 more words

Etienne Balibar

The language of liturgy

“One of the reasons we are so bad these days at the language of scriptural translation and the language of liturgy is, I suspect, the terrible and false universalism of global culture and atomised humanitarianism, our peculiarities smoothed out by the promises of a universal distributive justice and (what in fact sits very awkwardly with the former) a universal set of consumerist goals, homogenised objects of desire the world over. 14 more words


teresa conference - 2

My favourite talks in pictorial form (photos pinched from teresaofavila.org):

and an entirely self-promoting photo of this blogger in full flow: 12 more words

Shameless in Cambridge

This blog went on a nice relaxing sabbatical for a few months while its author worked her tail-end off, preparing and leading a study abroad program in Rome. 992 more words

Five Tips for pioneers 1: Pray.


1. Pray a lot. We can’t do this in our own power 

Any sort of Church growth is by the Spirit of God. Using a gardening analogy, Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 3:6… 183 more words


June 14 in history

1158 – Munich was founded by Henry the Lion on the banks of the river Isar.

1216 – First Barons’ War: Prince Louis of France… 830 more words


A review of Rowan William's "Being Christian."

‘Being Christian’ is an ideal short book on the main themes of Christian life, Baptism, Bible, Eucharist and Prayer.  It is written in a lucid style that draws deeply from considerable learning, and a life spent teaching and practising the Christian faith, and provided leadership in the worldwide Anglican communion. 356 more words

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