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Turning St Paul's Cathedral Green

It’s been an ambition of mine to turn St Paul’s Cathedral green. What better way could there be for us at A Rocha UK to launch… 377 more words


A New Past

The scene that launches Victor Hugo’s classic, Les Misérables, tells the story of a man called Jean Valjean. Jean is arrested for stealing a loaf of bread and ends up staying 19 years in prison: 5 years for the bread, the rest for trying to escape. 510 more words


Resurrection, 2.0: Three Strategies to Save a Dying Church of England

Numbers can sometimes be deceptive, but it is difficult to put a positive spin on the latest official Church of England (‘C of E’) attendance figures: the proportion of the population warming the Anglican pews on a typical Sunday morning now stands at a sobering 1.4%. 462 more words

United Kingdom

Where God Happens: Life, Death, and Neighbors (Chapter I)

In my last post I pointed out Rowan Williams’ belief that the desert fathers were motivated by a desire to become “more human” by becoming more in touch with themselves. 1,407 more words

Company: A Literature Review

I’m going to attempt a sort of hyperlinked letter, like the kind I read each week from the radio program On Being (they publish “ 521 more words


"Where God Happens" - The Humanity of the Desert Fathers and Mothers

I attended a retreat this weekend and had some time to dive into a Rowan Williams book, “Where God Happens.” I’m going to try to blog through it chapter by chapter.  432 more words

Was it a good Christmas?

People that I haven’t seen for a while keep asking me this.  Another responded today by showing  groujp of us a video. Former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams spoke to that question in an address in St. 106 more words