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Gifts of the Garden

When we first started clearing the property here in Rowe the trees were encroaching on the buildings closest to the house.  The side field had been maintained but the pasture was all but lost.   611 more words


6 - 31

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Sarriki finally entered the room proper, her eyes coldly fixed on Teal. There was something animalistically intent in that gaze, like a hungry coyote focusing on an inattentive rabbit. 4,829 more words

Bus to Swad: February

I did something for the first time, the other Saturday morning. It began at 11.15am when the number 8 bus pulled out of New Street. I was taking the bus from Burton to Swad. 720 more words

Chip Rowe In Burton Mail 2015

6 - 19

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“Y’know,” Gabriel mused, “when I pictured going on a dungeon adventure, I somehow imagined there would be more stabbing and less…accounting.” 2,914 more words

Are you less stressed out at Home or Office?

Many of us live a stressful live, juggling multiple priorities – work, kids, spouse, household chores and the associated chaos. The pressures at home are so much that a research by the Journal of Science and Medicine last year concluded that we are less stressed out at work than at home. 472 more words


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Dusk was falling as she neared her destination, which meant that while most of the city was lulling itself to rest, Lor’naris was undergoing more of a shift change. 4,887 more words

Relics, Water and the Kitchen Sink - A Diver's Guide to Underwater Archaeology

Rowe, Alan R.

ISBN/ISSN: 09611639911
Library of Congress: 79-66955
Category: Artifacts
Keywords: Artifacts
Comments: Includes a short bibliography; illustrated
Size: 5.25″ x 8.25″
Pages: 56… 61 more words

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