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The Music Tag!

Hello everyone!

So today I thought I would create a variation on The Music Tag which Stevo Rowe created over on YouTube. Now, he created the tag to be completed on YouTube but I thought I’d do it in blog format instead!  645 more words


Alice Rowe, 1824 – 1903: Coronations and potatoes

Alice Rowe, daughter of William Rowe and Alice Daniel, was baptised on Sunday 31 October 1824 in Paul Church, Paul parish, Cornwall.  Her father was a shoemaker and she was still living at home aged 16 in 1841; she is an older sister of my great-great-great-grandfather… 424 more words


Happy Birthday Maisie and Clara!

The whole family took a day off from school and work to celebrate the twin’s birthday. You only become a teen once in your life. The party wasn’t the best, but it was alright. 194 more words

Second Generation

The Girls Are Growing

About a week ago the twins aged up into children and they are pretty cute, if I do say so myself. I love that they have darker skin and it’s evident that they have a black parent. 323 more words

Second Generation

Meet The Family

Maisie and Clara had a big day. Aiden and Cristal invited over the whole family to meet the twins. It was an exciting time for everyone, but after being shown off to every grandma, grandpa, and uncle, the girls were exhausted. 82 more words

Second Generation

Seeing Double!

Cristal woke up to a surprise at 3am. She was in labor! And unfortunately she couldn’t make it to the toilet in time, so she peed herself. 151 more words

Second Generation

Nancy Landgraab Chronically Ill?

As you know, Aiden is a doctor, so he spends a lot of his time at the hospital. So does Nancy Landgraab. I have two sims who are doctors(Aiden Rowe and Orlando Bloom), and every time I travel to work with one of them, Nancy Landgraab is one of their patients. 215 more words

Second Generation