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Wiles and Wailes

Researching family units occasionally throws up small surprises of particular types. Here are a couple from my recent efforts.

The married male head of a household in one census may have a wife with a different given name in the next. 430 more words


13 - 43

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“I warn you,” the man on the crates said, his voice rising, “we will defend ourselves if need be! Lay down your weapons and state who you are, and what you’re doing here!” 4,311 more words

Results: Who Do You Want to See Take on Rod Blum?

  • A detailed report of the results can be found here.

George Ramsey III took the top spot in our First District Congressional Race poll, edging out former Sanders National Delegate Courtney Rowe, who in turn edged out DCCC supported Abby Finkenauer. 260 more words

Iowa Democratic Party

13 - 41

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“And herrrrre we are, my little lollipops!” Rowe spun to face them and flared his wings dramatically, sketching a bow. 4,185 more words

OTD: Good Templar Lodge Organized in Schuylerville

#onthisdate in 1892 “The Rev. C. H. Harris gave his second temperance lecture in the Baptist church, last Monday evening. The Rev. gentleman is lecturing kinder the auspices of the Good Templars organization, and is at present speaking in Saratoga county. 515 more words


13 - 39

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The captain seized Tanenbaum from behind and yanked him backwards, ruining his concentration. Consequently, he didn’t get a good look at the object which impacted the bridge in front of him, but had the man not flung them both flat to the floor, the burst of force which erupted from it might well have hurled him off the edge. 4,933 more words

WWE announce that they have signed the War Machine!

In the last signing WWE has made for now, the company has signed Hanson and Raymond Rowe, otherwise known as the War Machine!

#WarMachine @RAYMONDxROWE…

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