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Beans Are the Perfect Food

No bread, no potatoes. Reduce rice, corn, and pasta. Beans are the perfect food.

We have been asking whether the proposition “Every event has its cause” really leads to determinism and thus pragmatically conflicts with the ordinary human presumption of free will. 1,480 more words

Searching For GSOT

Week Seven: Summer 2016 Online Writing Group

It’s week seven of our online writing group!

We’re almost finished! It sounds as though everyone has made solid progress on works-in-progress, and that makes me feel warm and gooey. 2,078 more words


"I can resist anything but temptation." -Oscar Wilde

Common wisdom holds that we should reduce temptation by avoiding contact with tempting things. For instance: don’t keep chocolate in the house.

However, the “scarcity principle” says  182 more words

Power of motivation

Motivation is a very complex construct that everyone strives for. What I’ve learned is that there are three things that are important in motivation. The first one is to have a concrete… 293 more words


Ego depletion

Ego depletion refers to the idea that self-control or willpower draw upon a limited pool of mental resources that can be used up.[1] When the energy for mental activity is low, self-control is typically impaired, which would be considered a state of ego depletion. 1,249 more words


How sweet it isn't

At first, it seems like a good idea — even a virtuous one — to allow them into your home. But then the regrets begin. You start doing things that you told yourself you wouldn’t do. 500 more words

Personal Reflection

Hold The Chocolate Chip Cookies

The theory and principle behind ‘Ego Depletion’ has been with us quite a long time (close to 20 years). It’s been incredibly powerful and influential, shaping theories related to effective handling of procrastination, losing weight, motivating employees in the workplace, point of sale techniques to get people to buy, classroom management with young children and many other important ideas. 207 more words