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Three Brains Revisited (3/3): Is Mammering the Best Policy?

Now might I do it pat, now he is praying;
And now I’ll do’t. And so he goes to heaven;
And so am I revenged.

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Facts, Feelings, and the Quest for Self-Esteem

Margaret Mead once said, “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” Her almost prophetic words distill for us the cultural shift that has transpired right before our eyes—everyone receives a trophy, everyone is special, everyone has a personal brand to promote. 1,585 more words


Female Exploitation of Males

Have men really been oppressing women throughout human history? Could there possibly be another explanation? Roy Baumeister argues in his book, “Is There Anything Good About Men?” 478 more words

The Rise and Fall of Attention – a Clinical Observation

According to Time-Based Resource Sharing (TBRS) model advanced by Pierre Barrouillet and Valérie Camos (2015), the “storage capacity” of our working memory “systematically varies as a linear function of the cognitive load of concurrent processing, a relation that we describe as the law relating processing to storage.” In plain language, we tap into the same reservoir of cognitive resources while performing various tasks at the same time. 1,075 more words

Roy Baumeister

Crossing the Rhine

Two groups of very smart people are looking at the exact same data and coming to wildly different conclusions. Science hates that.

—Katie M. Palmer, …

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Bad Stronger Than Good

“In “Bad Is Stronger Than Good,” an article published in the Review of General Psychology, Roy Baumeister and three other professors of psychology wrote, ‘Bad emotions, bad parents, and bad feedback have more impact than good ones. 23 more words

Treating Yourself with Kindness: On Self-Compassion

For several decades, developing self-esteem in children and adults has been the holy grail of fostering healthy attitudes towards the self. Yet, starting in the early 1990s, criticism arose, pointing towards the absence of positive consequences of having high self-esteem, and highlighting several negative consequences, such as dismissing negative feedback or taking less responsibility for harmful actions. 606 more words

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