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Chapter One, Willpower

Picture a group of twenty year-olds scattered around a dance studio, facing each other in pairs, leaning forward on their toes, noses touching. This was the first day of a Performance Studies class I took — for one day, before dropping it — called “Performance and the Body,” or something to that effect. 631 more words


A Brief History of Willpower

I find myself invoking the old D.A.R.E. mantra, “Just say no!” when face-to-face with a bag of Peanut M&Ms or a gooey brownie or say, an entire jar of Nutella. 1,040 more words


Happiness Paradox

Sarah Berry in her Sydney Morning Herald article entitled ‘A sad life is not a bad life’ says that ‘A rewarding, well-lived life is not necessarily a happy one because happiness and a meaningful life are often incompatible.’ As the Nobel prize-winning psychologist and behavioural economist, Daniel Kahneman, says: ‘People often make choices that bear a mixed relationship to their own happiness.’ Jennifer Senior in her 2013… 202 more words

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Roy Baumeister's R-Index

“We did run multiple studies, some of which did not work, and some of which worked better than others. You may think that not reporting the less successful studies is wrong, but that is how the field works.” (Roy Baumeister, personal email communication) 1,165 more words


Meditations on the Sorcery of Free Will

In one of my Expository Writing sections, my students and I have been discussing free will a fair amount. We began with Freud’s take on the matter (it’s all mother’s fault), moved on to Nietzsche (free will is an invention of religions to determine guilt and wrongdoing), and we’ve also been reading a fair amount of current neuro-psychological articles dealing with the actual science behind whether we are or are not capable of free will. 936 more words

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