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Rainbow Trains Art Lesson

Rainbow Trains

This lesson is designed to teach toddlers, ages 3 to 5, about the colors of the rainbow! It focuses on what order the colors of the rainbow go in, so it’s also a great exercise in memory. 683 more words



What colour is Sunlight?

Whatever colour you answered (except for Black) – you are (at least partly) right!

Unlike the Mnemonic that gives seven colours in a rainbow – ROY.G.BIV – for Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet (which is Sunlight being broken up by multiple raindrops into the constituent colours of ‘white’ light), as you can see here EVERY colour is represented. 277 more words


four shows / three days

Thursday February 1st
Beeler Gallery, how well do you behave? IN THE FLAT FIELD.

Where is the string that Theseus laid?
Find me out this labyrinth place… 678 more words

Looking For A Rainbow!

I have always been fascinated by rainbows.  They are perfect in so many ways.  No matter where in the world that rainbows appear, the order of the bands of color always remains the same.  65 more words

Lifestyle Notes


“I think I have a spark… an idea… for the next piece in my story. Speaking of which, did you read the first part?”

“Yeah, I did. 566 more words


VA - Kale Plankieren: Dutch Cassette Rarities 1981 1985 Vol. 1 [KH009]

Featuring a wide range of artists (Das Ding, Plus Instruments, De Fabriek for a start!) from the Amsterdam Fetisj scene and cities such as Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, and Zwolle. 65 more words



Hi, I’m Vedika. And I’m going to be the narrator of this story. If you’re wondering what this story is about or who I am, I already like you. 422 more words