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How To Make Your Own Prism & Rainbow!

Today’s┬ábit of STEAM fun is quick, simple, delightful…and inspired by Sir Isaac Newton’s exploration of light. (Did you know he’s the one who brought us the verification that white light can be broken into the spectrum, and that each color travels at its own speed and in its own direction?) This is one of the many fun activities suggested in… 622 more words


Beneath the Arc

The rainbow still hadn’t disappeared.

I didn’t expect it would. It was still there at night, even if I couldn’t see it. Flash a light up into the sky and you’d get a glimpse of the roy g biv. 329 more words


Quilts For Pulse


I started my artistic endeavors with quilting and although this blog is mostly about my drawing and painting, I’ve never totally given up my love of fabric and quilting. 315 more words