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Pot Head

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “ROY G. BIV.”

Me, my camera and how I see the world.


Rainbow Colours of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia (WPC-Roy G. Biv)

When I first read the subject of this Weekly Photo Challenge, I knew that my pictures of Lunenburg, NS would provide all but one of the colours of the rainbow required to appear in this assignment. 46 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge - Roy G. Biv

The colours of the rainbow.

Or Roy G. Biv as is sometimes used by school kids to remember the colours – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo & violet. 135 more words

Irish Man In The Middle East

Color Change

A 34 image color changing gif.

[smaller file]


Update 1: Linking the original, non-edited cell phone image, in case you’re interested – … 113 more words

Photo Challenges

A Roy G. Biv gallery, by the book.

The photo prompt for this week’s challenge became available last Friday. I wasn’t sure I’d participate because I was feeling under the weather.

But then: serendipity. 236 more words

Renae Rude

Weekly Photo Challenge: Roy G. Biv

Here I am, coming in just under the wire… Normally, I cheat and just dig through my archives for the weekly photo challenge, but when I saw the theme for this week, I thought, “Aha!” 53 more words


The Bookshelf of Roy G. Biv

The Roy G. Biv challenge proved especially difficult given my colorblindness.

I flat-out annoyed K to no end asking “is this indigo?” and “is this violet?” 146 more words