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A Year of Smiles - Day 198

Reason to SMILE #198: RAINBOWS

A promise from God.  A reminder that His words are true and that He is faithful.

This rainbow appeared in my backyard during a particularly stormy time in my life.  135 more words


Cake Plans and Why I Am (Currently) Mad at the Bubble Guppies

It is hard to believe that, four years ago today, I was officially 42 weeks pregnant with Carla… 14 days past my due date… and yet I wouldn’t meet her for another two days. 876 more words


Storytime Theme: Spring is in the Air!

This past week I hosted two school groups on a field trip to the library! This storytime had numerous talking points and was very fun while still being super educational!  261 more words

Story Time Themes

How To Make Your Own Prism & Rainbow!

Today’s bit of STEAM fun is quick, simple, delightful…and inspired by Sir Isaac Newton’s exploration of light. (Did you know he’s the one who brought us the verification that white light can be broken into the spectrum, and that each color travels at its own speed and in its own direction?) This is one of the many fun activities suggested in… 622 more words