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On Writing: Is Writing Hard?

Susan Orlean, journalist and author of The Orchid Thief, once tweeted, “Writing is hard. Writing is hard. Writing is hard.”

I retweeted her. I felt a surge of empathy. 807 more words


5 Tips to Immediately Improve Your Writing

Today, I want to share with you the advice I wish I’d gotten when I was sixteen and struggling with my writing.  By the time I was sixteen, I’d been writing for five years but didn’t feel any more confident in my writing than I did when I first started and I didn’t know how to get any better. 1,158 more words


On Writing: Among the mysteries of writing is moving from abstract to concrete

We live among mysteries. One is the mystery of change. The other is the mystery of identity. Both are realities, but inseparable realities. Rivers constantly change and are never quite the same.

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Books About Writing - There is At Least One You Should Read

When non-writers learn that you are a writer, the reactions are generally classified into two major groups: the ones that think you’re some kind of celebrity who bathes in champagne and is airlifted everywhere on specially modified helicopters and the ones who assume (based on the fact that they haven’t seen your books at their local bookstore window) you are an unpublished novice who needs all the help you can get. 760 more words

Read-A-Thor, 1.2, 1.3: The Art of X-Ray Reading + Warren the 13th and the All-Seeing Eye

In one corner, we have a nonfic volume which briefly examines 25 works of noteworthy literature, in order to see what, in part, makes them so enduring. 1,399 more words