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Objecting to the Truth as I See It

The following essay was published in WBUR Cognoscenti on March 31, 2015:

Narrative non-fiction is not an objective undertaking; the author determines which facts to include and shapes their interpretation. 799 more words


The Book for Writers

Writing is a craft you can learn – Roy Peter Clark

Roy Peter Clark’s Writing Tools offers 50 essential strategies for better writing. Here, Clark’s no nonsense style of writing using simple words (it’s not intimidating or that complex) makes it a worthwhile read. 162 more words


Technological advancements and how they affect the written word

It has become common today to dismiss writing’s grave importance in the field of Public Relations. According to Roy Peter Clark, who wrote, 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer… 434 more words

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Writing to communicate

Educational reforms and training for better writing skills will limit the negative impacts of bad writing.

In his book, Writing Tools, 50 Essential Stratgies for Every Writer… 488 more words

Public Relations

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

In Writing Tools, 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer, Roy Peter Clark argues that writing in America has become quite disastrous, and I agree because of what some may call the Digital age. 281 more words

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Writing as You Report: an updated workshop handout

Few techniques helped me more when I was a reporter than when I learned the value of writing as I reported. It challenged my discipline, but when I succeeded at incorporating writing into my reporting process, I found that it improved both processes. 1,574 more words

Workshop Handouts


Contrary to what my employers seem to believe, I am extraordinarily unfit for my day job which is sometimes also a night job and occasionally a weekend job, even when I don’t have work to do—it sticks with me, a kind of trivial, biting toxicity requiring at least twenty-four hours of away time to purge from my system, according to my physician. 4,505 more words

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