52 PICK UP (1986)

A film by John Frankenheimer

Cast: Roy Scheider, Ann-Margret, Vanity , John Clover

Raimy ( John Glover) a charming blackmailer with the looks of an aging British juvenile and a conscience of I don’t give a shit. 265 more words

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I was thinking…

…as I settled in for the Normal Theater‘s 40th anniversary screening of Jaws, how different the film would be if it were made today. 949 more words

Book To Film Adaptation

Interview: Roy Scheider, December 1977.

Jim Shoffner interviewed Roy Scheider on location for Jaws 2 (1978). He shared his thoughts on Sorcerer.

Roy Scheider: It was exciting as an adventure piece, but the way it was edited didn’t allow the audience to participate in the adventure, and they never felt that they had a personal interest in these guys… In any film that you do, it makes no difference whether your audience loves the characters or hates them, but they’re gotta… 49 more words



Lately it seems like Jaws is EVERYWHERE. Because we just passed the 40th anniversary of its release, this movie is popping up at my local indie cinema, a public swimming pool, and of course cable TV.  453 more words

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It Was Forty Years Ago Today; This Scary Film Started with a "J"

There’s a 40th anniversary rerelease of “Jaws” (which I think is strange timing now that I heard there have been recent shark attacks in North Carolina). 310 more words


French Connections: Dissecting Differences Between THE FRENCH CONNECTION and DRAFTHOUSE FILMS The Connection

It all begins with a plant. When possible, farmers in Turkey made more than drug companies were legally paying them for, so that they could sell it to the criminal underworld for some real money, the same cartels who then shipped those plants to France where chemists essentially distill an already potent paste into the the drug heroine. 1,425 more words

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Hey there and welcome back for another inaugural feature on this blog: Something Special Sundays. In this section of the site, I’ll be talking about my favorite movies because I just gotta let it out, man. 707 more words