Jaws (1975) - Updated

Alfred Hitchcock once was quoted as saying in typical Hitchcockian fashion, “There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.” A young Steven Spielberg channeled this type of sentiment when he directed the smash hit and archetypal summer blockbuster Jaws in 1975. 626 more words

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You're, not we're.

Guys, I wanna talk about something really serious.

Every time one of you quotes JAWS saying, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat,” the entire deceased cast of the film pirouette in their graves. 30 more words

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Review: The French Connection (1971)

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Jaws (USA, 1975)

Directed by: Steven Spielberg. Before you ask, yes this was my first time actually seeing Jaws, and yes I’m embarrassed by that fact. I mean, in this culture, … 1,099 more words

Goodbye Captain Quint.

Saturday.  Sitting, getting some work done, some blogging.  Jaws is on.  Just saw Captain Quint get eaten.

For a mechanical shark, that was a skeery scene.  30 more words


Jaws quick movie review

What can one say about Jaws?  It’s the first summer blockbuster.  It basically created the film industry as we know it today and is a legend in its own right.   330 more words

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