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Call for Papers - Air Power: Now and the Future

Call for Papers

Air Power: Now and the Future

A Conference organised by the Royal Air Force Museum and the Royal Aeronautical Society

29-30 September 2016… 323 more words

War Studies

Introducing our aerobatic aircraft, the Game Bird 1

We can now announce the creators behind the aerobatic aircraft we have been testing here at the Advanced Structural Testing Centre (ASTC)!

For the first time in 30 years we can say that full airworthiness certification of a aircraft is taking place in the UK thanks to a pioneering partnership involving a championship-winning aerobatics pilot, an aircraft builder and ourselves. 231 more words

Structural Testing

150 Years of Defying Gravity

Sometime before the birth of powered flight – even before the Wright brothers themselves were born – there was the Royal Aeronautical Society. Founded on the 12 January 1866 in London, today is its 150th anniversary. 136 more words


ASTC interesting fact of the week…

Today is the 150th anniversary of the Royal Aeronautical Society, the oldest society relating to aeronautics and astronautics in the world.

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Win-Win Situations In Aviation Security: The RAeS Seminar on "Smart Security" (by: Meghraj Patil)

The adversities of checking in our baggage and going through security check make our air travel experience vapid. This is all set to change in the future as a new era of sophistication occurs in the aviation industry. 329 more words

Start Networking Better: Advice From The RAeS "Aviation Networks" Seminar (by: Ayub Salim and Meghraj Patil)

Networking. More often than not, it is something altogether theoretically easy and practically elusive all at once. It really shouldn’t be that way. We caught up with Ms. 261 more words

Reminiscing In The (Relative) Wintertime: The Editor's Message

As the semester draws to a close, do you become the type of person to look back at it all with fond memories of the outcome of whatever struggle you went through? 214 more words