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Please, Sir, Can We Have Some More?

Anyone familar with the Ladbroke Grove area of North Kensington cannot have failed to have noticed the extensive hoardings that now surround the old Westway Information Centre. 1,283 more words

Redpath, Holgate and Brickley.

Over the recent months the Grenfell Action Group have published two blogs highlighting our concern about a senior Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council Officer, namely Tony Redpath, RBKC Director of Strategy and Local Services, who occupies an influential postion on the Kensington and Chelsea College Board of Governors. 638 more words


There was been much talk over the past few years about the high levels of financial reserves held by the RBKC and during this time the Council have frequently been accused of hoarding tax-payers money and of being “the richest borough in the universe” . 1,269 more words

Nour Festival 2016 Launch Night at Leighton House Museum

Salah El Brogy Company was at last night’s Nour Festival of Arts launch at Leighton House Museum.

Dancer, performer, choreographer and dance teacher Salah is part of this year’s festival line up with his contemporary dance solo on memory and memory loss entitled GLITCH. 168 more words

Salah El Brogy

RBKC and their Private Business Deal

Back in early April 2016 the Grenfell Action Group contacted the Information Commissioner’s Office after the Royal Bourogh of Kensington and Chelsea Council refused to disclose the confidential reports and financial information regarding the lease of the North Kensington Library and the Westway Information Centre to Notting Hill Prep School. 555 more words



There can be no better example of corrupt power and lack of scrutiny than the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation. The Council’s long-arm landlord has made the life of tenants and leaseholders a misery for many years and instead of being held to account by the Local Authority the TMO enjoy an unholy relationship that allows them to act with impunity. 501 more words

New plans for the Museum’s green spaces: connecting people and nature | Science, society and skills

A little over a month ago, the Museum applied for planning permission to continue with an ambitious transformation of its outdoor spaces. Drs John Tweddle, Paul Kenrick and Sandy Knapp of the Museum’s Science Group provide the background to the project and clarify its impact on the Wildlife Garden. 1,632 more words