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Kitten Care Package

If you’ve read the previous post, you’ll know exactly what this is, but just in case; this is a kitten care package! One I received from Fin’s breeder when taking him home, and one I totally did not expect to be so gigantic, but I’m very grateful for it! 614 more words


Via Tolosana Day 4: Royal Canin, Perrier and place of angels - Vauvert to Gallargues-le-Montueux  14kms

We got up at 6am and after petit dejeuner, we dragged all of our supplies downstairs to reunite them with our backpacks and do the final packing. 1,799 more words


Kenapa perlu memilih ROYAL CANIN Sensible 33

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera

Kenapa perlu pilih Royal Canin Sensible 33? Itu persoalan untuk entri kali ni. Okay semua..sebelum tu, kita fikir, kenapa kita perlu pilih Royal Canin? 389 more words


Week by Week

I’ve been having a great time keeping myself occupied by reading about how puppies grow during pregnancy. I’ve been using the Royal Canin website which has a week-by-week guide of a dog’s pregnancy.   165 more words

Australian Labradoodle

Everyone's Got a Diet

We’ve added two more prescription diets to the list of foods my cats consume.

Up until last weekend, we had the following prescription diets:

  • Hill’s K/D (Harree, Dixee, Lefty; K/D is for kidney health.
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New Diet

Mom and Dad took us to the vet AGAIN.  But this time I got some yummy food to eat!  I like it because its only mine, they yell at Ossian if he tries to get any! 211 more words