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Original Royal Care Cosmetics Brush Tree

Your RC Cosmetics Brush Tree keeps your brushes like new.

By drying your brushes vertically and off the counter, you protect their bristles and keep water from the ferrule. 140 more words

How To Assemble Makeup Brush Tree from Royal Care Cosmetics

When you will get your Brush Tree from Royal Care Cosmetics the first thing to do is to remove the brown protective tape before using it :) 44 more words

Hollywood Makeup Artist Magically Transforms Herself into Pop Culture Icons and Characters

Are you or your kids thinking of dressing up as a pop culture icon this Halloween? If so, then this Hollywood makeup artist can help you with your costume. 62 more words

10 Questions With Katy Perry's Makeup Artist Todd Delano


If you’re a professional makeup artist, working with Katy Perry is like hitting the jackpot. Not only do you get to work with a high-profile celebrity, but you also get to have some glittery! 526 more words

7 Common Makeup Questions Answered

In reality, I have been a professional makeup artist for the last six years. In my mind, I have been a professional makeup artist since I was four. 822 more words