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TR: Asia Trip 2015 – Part 12: At Sea/Cruise Conclusion (10/27-10/29/2015)

As the ship headed away from Phuket on our final leg of the journey, most of our on board activity actually lie ahead. We were forecast to see some haze and rain heading back, but soon enough the weather would clear up and we’d be in as good of shape as anyone can expect at the start of rainy season in the tropics. 923 more words


TR: Asia Trip 2015 - Part 11: Phuket, Thailand (10/26-10/27/2015)

The final port of the cruise would be at a place I had mixed feelings about. Phuket was a rarity as both a tender port and overnight stop, which gave us tons of time to do all sorts of things ashore. 2,454 more words


TR: Asia Trip 2015 - Part 10: Langkawi (10/25/2015)

The next stop for our cruise was the port of Langkawi in Malaysia. Only a smidge north of our previous port of Penang, there was a noticeable reduction in haze present here upon waking up. 935 more words


TR: Asia Trip 2015 – Pt. 9: Penang (10/24/2015)

Day Three of the cruise was upon us, and with it, the freedom to do basically whatever the hell we wanted. We were docked in Penang, a Malaysian island known for food and beaches. 1,790 more words


TR: Asia Trip 2015 – Pt. 8: Disembarking & Kuala Lumpur (10/22-10/23/2015)

The boarding process went smoothly, and our bags arrived separately but efficiently enough for us to have everything stored away by the time we had to leave for our muster drill. 1,909 more words


TR: Asia Trip 2015 - Pt. 7: Mariner of the Seas Ship Review

When I do trip reports of cruises, the ship itself is what I start with. It is where most of the action on a cruise takes place, whether sleeping, eating, or some combination where I snore with a sandwich in my mouth. 2,238 more words


Miami Rehearsals

It is almost time to say goodbye to rehearsals in Miami and hello to the Port of Baltimore, my home for the next five months.  This process has been slightly different from my experience before.  484 more words