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There’s Something About Harry

What an exciting time this would have been for Diana! A third grandchild from William and a bride for her baby, Harry. Not just any bride, but a divorced biracial American actress inclined to charity work and fashion. 529 more words

Princess Diana

Meghan Markle Goes Out on First Royal Engagement

Prince Harry’s American fiancée Meghan Markle on Monday took part in her first official royal engagement with Britain’s Queen Elizabeth since the couple announced they were getting married last year. 225 more words


The Future Duchess of Sussex

Such exciting news and I have not written about till now.  It is true Meghan Markle will be HRH the Duchess of Sussex.  No she won’t be a princess but still married to a prince. 286 more words


Tee Hee

I read that Harry and Meghan (or more likely their staff) reply to every congratulatory message they receive.

D, who’s an avid monarchist, is kindly letting me use her home as my mailing address while I’m in the cottage. 120 more words

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Top 10 National Events of 2017

  1. Oscar Mix-Up

The Academy Awards have seen its share of mistakes in the past (we all remember John Travolta heinously butchering Idina Menzel’s name), but the gaffe that will live in infamy was made Feb. 1,092 more words

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Meghan Markle: Black or Mixed?

When I found out Prince Harry was dating a black girl, I was lowkey excited. Are the times a-changin’? I wondered. I kept track of the story, very casually, and as their relationship progressed, I was rooting for them to make that marriage happen. 1,978 more words

10 moments in 2017 to restore your faith in humanity

Every year has its ups and downs, and 2017 has been no different in its share of negative moments. Not naming any names . . . 740 more words