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Missed out on my earlier gluten free post? Click here

As a challenge for myself I wanted to formulate gluten free cookies, the concept is not new to me as I had worked on this in the past especially a whole year’s worth of research and development during my university thesis.   256 more words


Wake and bake

Not a lot of people know but a hobby I have that I really do enjoy is baking! Cupcakes. Cookies. Cakes, etc. I’ve always loved it over the years and just recently learned new things and started to do it more frequently. 121 more words


How do you celebrate your anniversary’s??

Social media is a great tool, and since I had signed up to Instagram I have met some great cookie lovers out there with the same passion as me, and if not exactly in the decorating cookies pathway, it is at least something along the baking pathway.   177 more words



Are you a Winter baby?

Every August I am kept rather busy as it is many of my friends and family members birthdays.  Not only shopping for both groups and the random present for me its generally pretty full on, with an added bonus this year of having cookie jobs to deliver. 109 more words


Cute FROZEN Cake For My Daughters' Non-Birthday

Both my daughters’ celebrate their birthdays in April. I had originally planned to make them a gorgeous Frozen cake for their birthday since they love, love, love the movie (insert toddler singing “Let It Go” times 100). 580 more words


Watermelons like we know it is a delicious summer treat, juicy goodness and a crispy crunchy bite.  This fruit is so popular that there is even a day to celebrate and that’s today, the 3rd August is National Watermelon Day in the USA. 145 more words


Inter Milan Birthday Cake

Managed to break out of the endless cycle of work and life admin to complete my first “official” cake order (OK so not entirely as big a deal as it sounds – this order was from my aunt!). 196 more words