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The warrior Alphamon jets in from Japanese Digimon franchise

Given the constantly-connected vibe of our 21st-century reality, Digimon has easily been one of the most relevant manga, anime and video-game offerings in recent history. There’s no question, then, why Square Enix has set its sights on one of the monsters fabled to live inside a parallel universe created by human communication networks. 152 more words

Sequence 9

Guy watched the castle servants lead Arri away through a side door. He had brought her to the castle in her final request for his assistance: to inform King Myron that her father’s murderer was in Argotra, and that she needed to understand why Myron wanted the Korvenkill Dagger. 887 more words


Sequence 2

The knight was silent as he rode his brown stallion through the country roads. Arri followed closely behind, her thoughts lost in itself. She had been crying every night since she heard the news of her father’s death. 539 more words


Sequence 1

“Are you Lady Mannix?” the stranger asked.

Arri looked up, not realizing someone approached. She glanced at him quickly—a man of raven hair—and continued putting the cart of scholarly novels onto the tall shelves. 501 more words


A Few of My Favourite Things - 8 of 52

These were my parents goblets. There used to be six of them. One jumped from the shelf a few years ago, in only what I can imagine to be a last stitch effort for someone to notice it, to fill it with the elixir of life. 245 more words


Unemployment on the Rise

You know the recession has hit hard when a Royal Knight of Poland keeps himself occupied by feeding pigeons.

f/4, 1/150 sec

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