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Asteroid: Mission Extreme, Royal Observatory Greenwich.

We visited the Royal Observatory on a sunny, Saturday afternoon, which made the location of the Observatory (just behind One Tree Hill in Greenwich Park… 341 more words


AMAW: Royal Observatory Greenwich

This Museum a week featured the Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition winners exhibition which impressed with new and established talents from all over the world. 339 more words


The Winners of the Best Astronomy Photos of 2016

Chinese photographer Yu Jun has been named the winner of 2016’s Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year for his image entitled “Bailey’s Beads”, taking home a £10,000 prize. 174 more words

5 Things I DIDN'T See in London

It’s the worst kept secret in the world that I spent 4 months in London last year. It was my personal mission to soak up everything I possibly could, and I really got around! 327 more words


The Human Computer

The Royal Observatory in Greenwich is fun. You can see John Harrison’s clocks which, famously, helped to solve the problem of determining longitude at sea. To do that, a seaman needed to know the difference between the time at the Meridian Line, zero longitude, and the time on his ship, so having an accurate clock that didn’t vary in the pitching and yawing of the sailing ships of the time was vital. 497 more words

Rambling Scotland. But in London...

I lived in London from 1985 – 1992, moving from a sleepy (unexciting) village in Scotland aged 15. I introduced myself to the London suburbs during the birth of rave and acid house parties, somehow managing to land myself the role of floor manager in Next Retail in between the all-nighters and energy drinks. 717 more words

Summer Walks And Wanderings

East London Series: The Royal Observatory: Greenwich

One lovely sunny weekend, Jeff and I decided to venture to the east side of London. It’s so funny to think that going past, say, Tower Hill, is such an undertaking, but when you spend an hour on the underground, it’s no different than a road trip in the car. 1,113 more words