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Greenwich - Day Twenty Four

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Our day today took us down the river. We headed off to Waterloo again then walked down to the river and along to the London Eye pier where we caught our City Cruises boat to get to Greenwich. 439 more words

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The Greenwich Meridian

The Greenwich Meridian, Prime Meridian, is an imaginary line used to indicate 0 degrees longitude. It passes through the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, a borough of London. 217 more words

Antarctica Map

Where East Meets West..!!

        “Greenwich Meridian”, we all would have heard this word in our school days. But to see the imaginary line (longitude) that divides the Earth into two parts (east and west), is something that I was really excited to visit.  525 more words


It's a free gift! Blog No 7 - 2018

“I……um…..I’ll speak to Dad and see what he says……” I paused; knowing I was sounding quite underwhelmed. “I’ll get back to you,” was my feeble response. 457 more words


The romantic allure of Greenwich to many a traveller – to stand at the point where east meets west. But if it’s romance you want, well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 1,392 more words


Royal Observatory: Greenwich

On a bleak, cold day in London, I ventured to Greenwich, close to the borough I was born, to see if a friend’s recommendation had any merit. 493 more words